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The Best Costumes For Your Puppy This Halloween

Halloween is just a few days away so you know what that means: it’s time to dress up our dogs in the cutest costume possible and make them look their doggy-best! Finding the perfect costume for a dog can be a hard task if you’re not prepared for the amount of costumes available, so look no further than these top picks to make your pupper look fantastic:


1. Batdog​

Who better to save the city of Gotham than Batman? I have one even better: Batdog! You can’t deny your pooch would look adorable in this costume. Plus, he’s already a superhero in your eyes; how about you make him a real one with this costume? 


2. Pumpkin 

Alright, maybe the superhero wasn’t your thing, but what about the most adorable pumpkin in the world? Just be careful, this pumpkin is for walking around and licking people’s hands, not for carving. 


3. Starbucks Cup 

Why not embrace our inner basic self? If we have to be basic, we might as well make our dog love the same coffee we do. 


4. Food

There’s no doubt that the moment you decide to put your puppy in a pizza slice costume, there’s no going back. You’ll be so overwhelmed by the cuteness that you’ll wonder why you ever thought about putting them in anything other than a food costume… they’re really that adorable. 


5. Celebrities

I don’t support every celebrity, but there is a certain funny factor when a dog’s dressed up as Donald Trump. Even if someone doesn’t agree with a celebrity, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a great costume for your dog!


6. Ghost 

For the more simple people who don’t want to spend the extra money, I got you. Straight up, just go Charlie Brown on your dog. Cut a breathing hole and some eyes and I can guarantee your dog will not know the difference. If anything, it’ll be great to have a ghost by your side to scare off the boogeymen of Halloween night (or lick them to death, either way). 


7. Apple Product 

Again, why not? It’s Halloween, so if you can be clever enough to come up with a pun for your dog, then you should have full rights to use it. Truly, if someone sees a dog walking around dressed up as an iPad, that’s game over. You’ve won Halloween and the creativity surrounding it; I congratulate you. 


Happy Halloween, collegiettes! 

Alexandra is a senior at Penn State majoring in Digital-Print Journalism in the College of Communications. She is the assistant editor for Her Campus and loves everything else PSU has to offer her. She is involved with the Onward State, and would like to somehow benefit THON. Alex loves to write, sing, bake, and dance around like no one is watching. Alex is known to love her animals, including her cat, Grace, who isa little devil at the same time. Oh, and pizza. She loves pizza like it's her world. Follow her on Instagram for her craziness: allieramos1698
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