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The Best of Both Worlds

Our snapshot for the week is one of the many picturesque nature trails that can be found around State College. This particular one is the Bellefonte Central Rail Trail located on the north end of campus near the Arboretum. This image is just one of the many reasons why we Staters don’t mind going to a school “in the middle of nowhere”. We know, for many, the exictement of heading off to a big city school with the nonstop action and hustle and bustle of it all may seem the like the ideal way to spend four years, but we feel a little differently around here. Sure, we love our cities. We visit them on the weekends, and heck, the Mega Bus can take you to just about any major location on the East Coast, but when it comes down to where we want to end up at the end of the night, there’s no place like home in the valley. Sure, it may seem a little turned down on the north end of campus, but the second you cross College Ave., there are endless possibilities awaiting you. And isn’t that just the best of both worlds? Yeah, we think so too. 

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