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Everyone knows me as someone who loves makeup — I’ve been wearing makeup since I was probably 13-years-old. 


Since then, I have definitely improved my skills in that arena. As someone who definitely used to make these missteps, I hope other people improve upon the mistakes I made. 


Firstly, you need to make sure you match your foundation. Fall is a weird time for foundation as we all shift from our summer shades to our less tan, fall and winter shades. 

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What I usually do is mix my fall and summer shades as whatever meager tan I accumulated over the summer fades away, eventually shifting into my fall tone entirely. 


However, not everyone has their fall foundation ready yet — so I recommend mixing some of your concealer (or whatever you use to highlight under your eyes), which should be a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, with the rest of your summer foundation so that it matches a little better. 


Another mistake I commonly see is people wearing the wrong size falsies. Let me preface this by saying I love wearing huge, glammed out lashes. I know I’m extra, but whatever. 


For anyone just beginning to dip their toes in the false lash game, I recommend starting small. When I got my first set of lashes, I thought they were massive, and they were only some pretty basic wispies. 


So, if you’re thinking of getting lashes, start small and work your way up to see what you like best for your makeup look. 


It is also important to use a primer, which will take care of your skin. Makeup can take a lot out of your skin. Even if you’re not a big makeup person and you only go out with some mascara and face powder, you should still be doing your skincare routine – washing it, using moisturizer, et cetera – before you put anything on your face. 

You should also find a primer that works well for your skin type. Some primers help to moisturize your skin, control oil, and/or help control redness. Plus, using a primer before any face makeup can help your makeup last longer and look its best. 


These are all my best tips for doing makeup, but my number one tip for anyone looking to get into makeup — who cares what anyone says! 


If you want to rock some bright pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow, go right ahead; if you want to keep it natural and only wear some concealer and do your eyebrows, that’s all good too. 

Just do you, and you’ll look great!

I am a Public Relations major at the Pennsylvania State University. When I'm not writing for Her Campus, I enjoy watching the Office and volunteering at my local animal shelters.
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