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Thinking About Attending Multiple “Eras Tour” Concerts?

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When Taylor Swift announced the news of her next tour, “The Eras Tour” last fall, I immediately cleared my schedule.

My friends and I made sure to sign up for the anticipated presale and I had my family do so as well— I took no chances of missing it. I went through a bunch of obstacles to actually get tickets, but after a long process I was able to score two tickets for my friend and I for night two at MetLife.

We, of course, started planning our outfits and which songs we were hoping would make the setlist right away. 

Months later, my mom surprised me with tickets for night three in Houston. I was speechless.

But after the shock wore off, I spent the next week planning my outfit once again. 

After seeing her twice, I can honestly say that it is definitely worth it if you are interested in going again and have the ability to do so. Seeing her once is an amazing experience in itself and going that second time I could really recognize the magical and electric atmosphere.

It genuinely is enchanting, from admiring everyone’s outfits, to sharing friendship bracelets and of course the anticipation of what that night’s surprise song will be.

Now I know a bunch of us have had our hearts broken by Swift when watching low quality live streams during “surprise song o’clock,” the part of her concert where she sings two acoustic songs that aren’t on the setlist.

I took it personally when she sang “Hey Stephen” and “Forever and Always” in the same weekend and I wasn’t there. But going to multiple allows you more chances to possibly hear your favorite song as a surprise song.

We also know how Swift loves her easter eggs and dropping surprise announcements on us.

She has already done it three times on her U.S. leg of “The Eras Tour:” the “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” announcement came at her Nashville show on May 5, “I Can See You” music video premiered in Kansas City on July 7 and most recently Swift announced “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” on Aug. 9 at her last show for the U.S. this year, in Los Angeles.

Swift still has two more rerecords to release so you never know what surprise another show has in store for you. 

However, there is some debate between “swifties” about whether it’s fair for people to go to multiple concerts despite other fans not being able to get a ticket.

Some people think it takes a ticket from another fan that hasn’t gotten the chance to see her but there are thousands of seats and we all go through the same Ticketmaster “war” to get one. Swift herself has addressed this argument subtly at one of her shows right before performing her song “champagne problems”.

Swift takes a moment to point out and appreciate “If you’ve come to any shows before this on this tour…” which some fans speculate is her way of letting her fans know she supports those who do go to multiple shows. 

Taylor Nation, Swift’s official management team, has also been seen “defending” the multi-show “swifties” on social media. On a tweet that announces Swift’s upcoming “Eras Tour” film, they promote the documentary by saying you should get tickets to see it in theaters “whether it’s your first or 13th time.” 

My argument for multi-show haters is: why be mad about true fans traveling to see Swift, whether it’s people going one town over or to a whole other country, when we should appreciate how she has the power to unite people all over the globe?

I signed up and got tickets to see Swift in Indiana next fall. It will be my third “Eras Tour” show (I’m crossing my fingers for “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” and “Mary’s Song” as surprise songs).

I feel that people should be able to spend their own money how they want. If it makes them happy seeing Swift again and again, nobody is stopping them (aside from the Ticketmaster’s “The Great War”).

I had floor seats the first time I went to the Eras Tour and lower bowl seats the second time. Both were an extraordinary experience in their own unique ways.

Being on the floor and witnessing Swift’s performance so close, especially at surprise song o’ clock, was incredible in itself but being in the lower bowl and being able to see the stage more clearly was enjoyable too. 

My tickets for my third eras tour show next year are in the club section (unintentionally), which means they are a little bit over the lower bowl. Being able to see different points of views from different areas of the stadiums is one of the factors that I feel makes going to multiple shows so much fun. 

I feel that no matter where your seats are in the stadium, you’re going to have a great time.

Swift’s stage presence alone is reason enough to attend and whether you’re a chill fan of Swift or an insane puzzle-solving “swiftie,” this concert will not disappoint you.

A third-year student at Penn State studying English with a passion for Journalism. When she is not writing, she is making Pinterest boards, painting, curled up with a good book or listening to Taylor Swift!