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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

If you are just getting settled into your college apartment or still planning for your move in day, you are in the right place.  

I have spent the past two months of my summer on Pinterest, TikTok and VSCO trying to find the perfect theme, prints and décor for my apartment. It is my senior year and I wanted it to be my best apartment yet.  

Officially I have lived in my apartment for a full week and each day I wake up in a great mood thanks to the places that have helped me make it my cozy home. I am a firm believer that the things in and around your apartment play a huge part in maintaining a calming and relaxing environment.  

Here are tips to make your apartment a place that you don’t want to leave: 

I originally found Haus and Hues on TikTok, it was a video of a bedroom with three beach prints.  I took their style quiz that helped generate pieces that match my style and aesthetic. This was a super helpful tool and made me search a lot quicker. My roommates and l feel in love with everything on their site.  

French bulldogs are our favorite animal, so we of course had to incorporate that into our apartment. We decided to put the Bathroom Bulldog in our bathroom. The black and white print matches perfectly with our white carpet as well was with the rest of our random décor, which was awesome.

I love a good print that has colors that match with anything. Our guests always come out saying how much they love it.  

apartment decor
Original photo by bella hunter

We created a coffee corner in our kitchen and this print fits perfectly above our Keurig and syrup station. The Coffee Chart is the perfect fit for a coffee station because it’s cool tone colors don’t draw immediate attention and take away from your other pieces around the room.

It is interesting to see the recipes of other drinks when we are making our coffee, and it always leaves us wanting to try them. The kitchen in our apartment is very tiny, so this piece really emphasis our attempt at a coffee bar and helps gives our apartment another “wow” factor.  

apartment decor
Original photo by bella hunter

When you move into our living room we went for the neon, bright colors that are going to make our apartment feel alive. We have placed the Chill Pill Set across the wall behind our couch.

This three-piece set takes up just the right amount of space. This set comes in different colors, which allows us to bring in other décor pieces that fit the color scheme. It also goes perfectly with our acrylic tray on our coffee table 

apartment decor
Original photo by Bella Hunter
Apartment decor
Original photo by Bella Hunter

Now, my favorite piece(s) of all. The Aerial Beach Set is what led me to finding this amazing company.

I spend my summers in Ocean City, N.J. I have always felt so fortune growing up by the beach all summer. I never thought about incorporating the beach into my apartment because I tend to think beach prints look basic and overdone.

However, this piece is unique and sublet. The colors are warm and homey, while still gorgeous to look at. I never get sick of waking up and looking over at my wall. It is so nice to have the beach around me while being in State College.

This three-piece set takes up enough wall space where it’s not too overcrowded but not too plain. 

Apartment decor
Original photo by Bella Hunter

I am so glad I found these three-piece print sets because it is a hassle to have to match different prints together to fit a theme. These sets are the perfect alternative!  

I have never been a fan of cheap Target frames. Why spend the time looking for art that is going to make your home beautiful if you are going to ruin it with low quality frames?

The Black Oak and Beige Oak Frames from Haus and Hues are outstanding quality. All the prints and frames come shipped (free!) right to your door within 3-5 days of ordering.  

Not to mention that Haus and Hues posters are made with the environment in mind. Each print is sourced from sustainably managed forests with low-eco impact organic cotton. Prints are responsibly sourced via FESC-certified North American paperboard mills and printed at an ISO-9001 certified facility. 

I found CommonCollectiveBos on Etsy when scrolling through décor trying to find the perfect piece for my apartment. We had all of this counter space and didn’t know what to put on it.

We found the Take A Chill Pill Resin Tray and it is the perfect addition to our apartment. It goes perfectly with our “Chill Pill” wall prints. We place our TV remotes here, so they never get lost.

Photo of my college apartment
Original photo by Isabella Hunter

The trays are scratch resistant, durable, and can be wiped with a cloth– which is perfect for a college apartment and lifestyle! The gorgeous handles of the tray give it this high-end look chic look that really steps up our apartment.

The trays are made with a combination of empty pill capsules and real (expired) medicine. Gold foil and vinyl lettering are applied. 

Each tray design is hand cast in Kerry’s Boston home and, although they are alike, no two are identical, which is the appeal of handmade art.  

Kerry opened her Etsy shop “CommonCollectiveBos” in 2021. She is an interior designer by trade and wanted to share her love of art and design with others.  
Kerry’s favorite piece is the Popsicle Wall Art. She says “they are so colorful and bring happiness to those of all ages, not to mention 3-dimensional art is always a show stopper!”  

If you need help decorating your apartment, there’s no one better than an interior designer to give you advice!

Isabella Hunter is a Junior majoring in Advertising with a Digital Media Trends and Analytics minor. She has a strong love for the beach, blogging, and iced coffee.