America's Next Top Model Gone Wrong

America's Next Top Model, one of the most famous reality shows in American television, has now aired for 24 seasons and created glamorous careers to many young models. Hosted by Tyra Banks, this competition show has a huge fan base. However, not all the contestants managed to survive as a model after the show. From drug addictions to jail time, find out now the top four worst America's Next Top Model's gone wrong:

  1. 1. Jael Strauss (Cycle 8)

    Jael was a beautiful girl, with what seemed to be a promising modeling career in the future. However, that was certainly not the case. After being eliminated from the show, she started struggling with a meth addiction. Her drug problem was so strong that she started living in the streets. Her life became so worrying that it gained her a spot on the Dr. Phil show. After the show intervention, Jael managed to turn her life around and became sober. Last year she, unfortunately, passed away after a breast cancer fight.

  2. 2. Lisa D'Amato (Cycle 5 and Cycle 17)

    Lisa was one of the show’s ultimate favorite models. Her strong personality and interesting looks made her one of the audience's faves. However, after being eliminated from cycle 5, she started suffering a big drug addiction. She appeared on the third season of Dr. Drew for marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, mushrooms and amphetamine addiction. She managed to overcome those addictions and her come back gained her the victory of season 17's All Stars Cycle. Good for her!

  3. 3. Renee Alway (Cycle 8)

    This model is certainly one that you cannot forget. Her outspoken attitude and high competitiveness made her one of the show's most memorable characters. Not always the most friendly, but certainly beautiful, Renee almost made it to Cycle 8's grand finale. However, her life after the show was nearly not as glamorous - to say the least. She was arrested in 2013 after a 6 hour standoff with the SWAT team and the police. She was charged for drug possession, fraud, burglary and other charges. She is now serving time - 12 years - in a California prison.

  4. 4. Angelea Preston (Cycle 14 and Cycle 17)

    This model had a promising career so strong that she was called back for the All Stars Cycle - a season with the public and judge's favorites. After almost getting into the cycle's final, Angelea was shockingly disqualified. The reason why was later on revealed. As her modeling career didn't give her the expected success, she started working as an escort to make a living. It is rumored that she had been chosen as the season's winner before the judges found out about her former way of living. Ouch…