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Affordable Athleisure That’s Not Lululemon

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been obsessed with athleisure lately. It’s a very simple and comfortable option that I find myself gravitating toward whenever I’m too lazy to put together an outfit. It’s popularity has grown tremendously and I catch myself seeing girls with cute athletic sets that I absolutely need to have.

However, Lululemon and other brands can be super expensive and not accommodating for those who aren’t willing spend $100 on a pair of leggings. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of Lululemon leggings or joggers, however, their prices aren’t extremely realistic.

But, don’t worry. I compiled some of the best budget-friendly athleisure stores to buy from, so your pockets can hurt less!


GymShark is brand that is reasonable with their prices. An average pair of leggings from Lululemon will generally cost $98 to $118. However, GymShark’s leggings cost ranges from $30 to $60. In addition, a Lululemon athletic jackets costs around $118 to $128, compared to GymShark’s jackets with a price range of $30 to $45. This is a significant difference in pricing. Since many people have good things to say about GymShark’s fabric quality, you’re ultimately getting more bang for your buck.


Fabletics is the perfect brand if you’re interested in balling on a budget. They have hundreds of styles and numerous types of different athletic wear that is perfect for all women. A regular pair of Fabletics joggers are about $54 to $64. Compared Lululemon joggers, which are roughly, $118 to $128, these are a more affordable option. Here, we have a major contrast in pricing and even so, the joggers from Fabletics are just as cute and there’s even more styles to choose from.

old navy

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Old Navy? No Way?” Well, don’t knock it until you try it because Old Navy actually has some great options for activewear. I have bought many sport bras and leggings from Old Navy and they look just as fashionable and work just as well as my Lululemon pieces. An athletic tank top at Old Navy is generally $34 or less. Whereas, Lululemon tank tops are $48 to $68. One tank top at Old Navy is even marked down to $13.97 with a 50% discount at checkout. This is the perfect steal if you’re going for the more inexpensive option.


Aerie is another great option where you can purchase adorable loungewear. Their famous crossover leggings are priced at $54, but are marked down to $38 with 30% off a checkout. That’s a great deal compared to the price of Lululemon leggings. Additionally, Lululemon’s biker shorts range from $39 to $68 while Aerie’s biker shorts are set at $34. They can even be reduced to $24 or possibly $13, depending on the style and discounts at checkout. These deals make Aerie a much more ideal option when looking to shop more affordably.


When in doubt, you can always turn to Amazon for athleisure wear. I’ve bought tons of cute leggings and jogger sets from Amazon that were fairly priced. They also have endless amount of brands with tons of options, so you’re bound to get a good deal!

Vanessa Hohner is currently a first-year student studying Journalism at Penn State. She loves all things writing and has a special place in her heart for reality TV.
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