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Aaron’s Party


When I heard Aaron Carter would be performing at Café 210, I knew I had to get a ticket. I spent my elementary school days dancing to “I Want Candy” and “Aaron’s Party” and I was so excited to see it in person. I didn’t really know what to expect because he is 25 years old now and he was in his prime at age 12. Well, let me tell you ladies, Aaron’s still got it. He came on stage after two opening acts wearing a Penn State sweatshirt.

He started off by singing a few songs I wasn’t familiar with but I didn’t mind because Aaron Carter was in the same room as me! He threw his sweatshirt into the crowd and later on, did that with a few sweat covered shirts. Finally, he changed into a Shaquille O’Neal jersey and that meant it was time for “That’s How I Beat Shaq.” He was a great performer and danced the whole time. Right after that, he sang “I Want Candy”, my personal favorite. I felt like I was in third grade again. He then left the stage acting like he was done. Everyone was confused because didn’t sing “Aaron’s Party”, but he surprised everyone and came back on for an encore. Everyone went nuts as he sang his final song. The concert was short but definitely worth it. It was a blast from the past and everyone had a good time.

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