A24 Movies You Should Be Watching

Until my senior year of high school, I was never very into movies. I preferred shorter TV shows, and thought I didn’t like movies because I didn’t have a long enough attention span. However, this completely changed when I discovered the beauty of A24.  


A24 is an independent film company that distributes and produces films and television. But, the most important part of A24 is not mentioned in this brief description: A24 produces (in my opinion) the most of the best modern movies. 


To make things even better, A24 movies are extremely accessible. Most are available for free either on Amazon Prime Video (which is also free for six months for students) or Netflix. 


So strap in and make a selection from this list to watch to immerse yourself in the exceptional world of A24. 

  1. 1. The Florida Project

    “The Florida Project” was my first exposure to A24, so it is especially special to me. It’s still my favorite A24 movie as well! It’s free on Prime Video.

  2. 2. The Lobster

    “The Lobster” features a dystopian society that completely keeps me engaged and intrigued throughout. It’s on Netflix.

  3. 3. Moonlight

    Aside from the scandal “Moonlight” was involved in during a grave error at the 2017 Oscars where “La La Land” was initially falsely named as the best picture of the year, “Moonlight” is completely a game changer in film in my opinion. “Moonlight” is currently on Netflix.

  4. 4. Lady Bird

    “Lady Bird is one of A24’s most well-known films, and I think the film’s popularity is fully deserved. It’s the perfect modern coming-of-age film featuring actors who are currently (rightfully) dominating the film industry, like Saiorse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet. “Lady Bird” is free on Prime Video.

  5. 5. Room

    Featuring Brie Larson, “Room” is a more dramatic movie with an extremely creative concept. It’s on Netflix.

  6. 6. The Disaster Artist

    “The Disaster Artist” is based on the book of the same title, which tells the story of the making of Tommy Wiseau’s infamously terrible movie “The Room.” Though seeing “The Room” first makes this film slightly better (and it’s just a brilliantly terrible film in general), seeing the source material is not necessary to appreciate the humor, yet also heartfelt moments, in this movie. “The Disaster Artist” is free on Prime Video.

  7. 7. Hereditary

    Before Ari Aster released “Midsommar” in 2019, Aster reshaped the modern horror genre with “Hereditary.” For fans of “Midsommar,” “Hereditary” has a completely different vibe, while still showcasing Aster’s refined skills with horror. The film is free on Prime Video.

  8. 8. First Reformed

    “First Reformed” is a psychological thriller that may not be everyone’s taste, but, to me, it is an extremely well-done film that keeps me captivated throughout. “First Reformed” is free on Prime Video.