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New Entertainment

Maybe it’s not the first thing we need — a new reason to stay home in sweats with our eyes glued to the TV while things return to normal. But 2022 is expecting some great new shows and movies. The pandemic definitely affected the original scheduled releases for television and movies, but the entertainment sector is bouncing back. We can plan to see anything from new Marvel movies, like “Thor: Love and Thunder,” to “Batman,” as well as “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Lightyear,” “Avatar 2″, and many others.

As for TV shows, we can expect new seasons of “This is Us,” “Euphoria,” “Ted Lasso,” and new shows like “How I Met Your Father” and “House of the Dragon.”

The return of award shows

Starting in January, we can anticipate the nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Oscars, Art Directors Guild Awards and Producers Guild of America. It will be exciting to watch actors, writers, producers and others be recognized for their work that prevailed during a global pandemic.

A return to supply chain normalcy

COVID-19 has influenced the global supply of items, ranging anywhere from rubber, to blood, to bathtubs. While people have placed orders for items like new appliances or other materials, their orders likely won’t be filled until 2022. Hopefully, the new year brings restocks of items we need and the products we want. 

New music

Get ready to listen to new music from artists like Bastille, The Lumineers, Beach House, Charli XCX, BROCKHAMPTON, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd,and more. Don’t cancel your Spotify or Apple Music subscriptions in the new year because there is some great music on the horizon.

5. Fashion 

new fashion norms

While 2021 was captivated by items in the fashion world like Prada’s re-edition line and Balenciaga’s handbag comeback, we can expect great new pieces this year.The future year will hopefully bring more sustainability and environmentally-conscious fashion pieces, as well as fabulous new designs.

midterm elections

2022 is a midterm year! Make sure to check out whether your political representatives are up for re-election. Whether you support or despise your current representatives, head to the polls this November or mail in your ballot. Your vote matters, so exercise your political rights in 2022.

the slow return of good food

The end of 2021 showed promising availability is restaurants with COVID-19 restrictions being lifted. New COVID variants have definitely influenced reservations and the overall dining experience, but we should remain optimistic. New chefs and restaurants are opening everyday throughout the country and certain venues have developed highly organized take-out plans. Additionally, when people continue to get vaccinated and the variants are more controlled, restaurants will return and expand in-door dining. 

travel (fingers crossed)

THINGS WILL GET BETTER! This has been my mantra for the past year and a half, so I need to believe that I will end up on the beach at some point in the next six months. So don’t book any airfare or hotel rooms just yet, but definitely research some destinations you want to travel to in 2022 and remain optimistic!






Third-year Schreyer student majoring in political science, global and international studies, and minoring in ethics.
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