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7 Reasons Why Aerie Is Better Than Victoria’s Secret

Let’s talk about underwear. That thing that everyone wears (or should wear) every day? There’s no reason to be shy of the topic when it’s such a necessity in our lives.

More specifically, let’s talk about where to get your underwear. What do you value in a store? Maybe selection or pricing? Personally, I’ve always valued a morally-sound company that's transparent with their beliefs. Two popular stores up for the task are Victoria’s Secret (VS) and Aerie.

I’m here to tell you why Aerie is the (undoubtedly) superior choice between the two:


1. Aerie is more inclusive

Aerie’s models and ads are consistently more diverse than VS. Even at a quick glance, it’s evident that Aerie has a wider variety of models, ranging from curvy women to women in wheelchairs. VS uses models with the same body type for every product - each following mainstream beauty standards.   


2. Sticky notes on mirrors

Similar to number one, Aerie not only advertises inclusivity, but practices it as well. In each dressing room, you can usually find a little box of sticky notes and markers attached to the mirror. You’re encouraged to write a positive note to anyone else who will use the same dressing room in the future while also reading notes that previous shoppers have left. Honestly, it’s a total confidence booster.


3. The CEO of Victoria’s Secret is transphobic and sh*tty in general

In a recent interview, VS’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek, explicitly said that the brand doesn't imagine ever including transgender people on the runway. Razek justified his claim by saying, “Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is.” This isn't the kind of toxicity that we need in a brand, and as such a prominent brand, it’s unacceptable for VS to employ people with such views.


4. Aerie is worth more for your money

This one is a huge factor for me: Aerie is simply less expensive. Necessities like bras and underwear shouldn't break the bank, and with Aerie, they won’t.


5. And still, better quality

Despite being more reasonably priced, Aerie’s quality is just as good as VS - if not better. I’ve had countless pairs of (expensive) VS underwear rip after being washed maybe twice. I haven't had this issue with Aerie, so there’s no competition here.


6. Aerie isn’t sexualized

Sure, obviously we go to places like Aerie and VS for lingerie at times, but what’s great about Aerie is that while they definitely have products that are “sexy,” they don’t make a brand on this idea. They make a brand on the idea that they want their customers to feel good, not just look good.


7. Totally different tones

If you’ve ever been in a VS store, you know that the lights are low and the atmosphere is fairly dark and not very inviting. Every Aerie store I’ve been in has been very bright and welcoming. It really is the little things, and for these reasons, Aerie is my #1.

Hi, I'm Grace! I am an avid believer in accepting the things you can't change. I am a cat-loving, dream-seeking, accident prone yogi with a sometimes unreasonable desire to make a difference. I'm a Penn State student planning to pursue journalism, so you could say writing is kind of a big deal to me.
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