6 Vines to Send Your Crush This Valentine’s Day

If you’re like me, expressing how you feel can be pretty tough, especially when it comes to telling someone you like them. That being said, it’s pretty easy to lay out all the cards on the table with a funny seven-second video. So, here’s a list of some iconic vines you should send your crush this Valentine’s Day:


1. For when you don’t know how to start the conversation, this vine is an easy icebreaker to let them know you’re sliding into their DM’s.


2. For when you’re just trying to be honest about how you feel.


3. For when you want to show how hard you’ve fallen for them


4. For when you want to show them how much they impress you, just send this one and let them know it’s you reacting to something they did that you think is awesome.


5. For when you want to say, this could be us.


6. Finally, for when you want to show them you’re pretty serious about things.