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6 Unique Hairstyles That Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face

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With the return of Y2K fashion this decade, those hair and beauty trends are having their resurgence.

Here are six hairstyles you can try for tailgating, parties, the bars or simply elevating your everyday look.

Quick Tips

To start with these hairstyles, you’ll need a boar bristle brush, any hair product, mini rubber bands and a spray bottle.

Deciding which hair product to use depends on the texture of your hair.

If you hair straight hair, I recommend hairspray to finish off the look and minimize product buildup.

For wavy hair, I recommend using a wax stick or pomade- but a little goes a long way with these.

If you have looser curly hair I recommend starting with a light gel then going over your hairline with a wax stick or edge control.

For tighter curly hair, you should apply a thicker gel in sections to ensure all of your hair is being sleeked down.

Triple BRaid Ponytail

Slick your hair into a ponytail of your choice, then split the ponytail into three sections. You can tie the sections off to keep them separated while you work for convenience.

Working with one section at a time, tightly braid your hair to the ends and secure with a rubber band. If you want a more sleek look, dip your fingers in a pomade as you braid.

This hairstyle pairs well with hoop earrings.

back of womans hair showcasing hairstyle
Original photo by Xandra Adams-Dennis
Double Braid (Not Pigtails)

If you want to spice up a plain plait, try two. Part your hair with a rat tail comb from ear to ear, distributing slightly more hair to the top section. Braid your hair down as normal.

If you’re feeling like you want to boost this hairstyle even more, try adding a ribbon to your sections before you start braiding or tie off the ends with little ones. You can play with switching between middle and side parts or leaving your fringe out as well.

back of womans head showcasing hairstyle
Original photo by Xandra Adams-Dennis
Criss Cross Pigtails

Start by splitting your hair down the middle. Make another part on each side to split a small section in the front away.

Take one front piece and slick it across to the opposite side of your hair. Once the piece is added to that section, split the section in three parts and braid like normal. Repeat on the other side and tie off the braids.

back of womans head showcasing hairstyle
Original photo by Xandra Adams-Dennis
Sleek High Ponytail

Make sure to start this hairstyle with tangle-free hair to avoid bumps. Section off the front of your hair and tie it off while you work on the ponytail. You can choose how much hair to add in the front, but keep in mind that less hair will be less bumpy in the back.

Slick the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and tie it using two hair bands for a tighter look. Part the front of your hair however you like, then slick the two sections back like a low ponytail and tie them off with a mini rubber band.

If your hair is long enough to cover the bottom ponytail you can leave it, but if it’s shorter you can slick the mini ponytail up to reach the high ponytail and bobby pin in place.

Another way to sleek the front is to sleek them back and bobby pin them behind your ears if you don’t like a completely sleek ponytail. You can also try leaving your sideburns out, leaving two pieces in the very front out or doing a half up half down ponytail.

Back of woman\'s head showcasing hairstyle.
Original photo by Xandra Adams-Dennis
Triple Braid Pigtails

Another way to enhance a traditional braid is to play with different styles of braids in one look. To start, slick your hair into high pigtails. Split each pigtail into three sections.

For the first section, split it in two then tightly twist them around each other. I recommend dipping your fingers in pomade to achieve the best results, then tie off with a mini rubber band at the end.

For the middle section, split it in three then braid like normal. For the last section, split it in two. Take a small piece from the outside of one side, then switch it to the other.

Repeat until you get to the ends, then tie off with a rubber band.

back of womans head showcasing hairstyle
Original photo by Xandra Adams-Dennis
Bubble braids with a twist

To achieve this look, start by tying your hair in pigtails. Section off a small piece of hair on each side and braid it like normal.

Wrap mini rubber bands around your pigtail, working your way lower, making sure to leave a little hair at the end. Slowly pull each section apart starting at the top until you have the look you want.

Be careful not to pull too much out because you’ll have to start the braid over.

back of womans head showcasing hairstyle
Original photo by Xandra Adams-Dennis

You can embellish any of these with fun hair accessories, tying ribbon into a braid or hair tinsel. Be sure to practice before attempting one of these styles for a night out!

I'm Xandra Adams-Dennis, I'm a third year digital and print journalism major with a digital media trending analytics minor. This is my first year writing for HerCampus. I'm from Mount Pocono, PA, I'm 20 years old and I love writing. I love to crochet and binge tv series in my free time.