6 Reasons Why Night Showers Are Superior To Morning Showers

It’s the age-old debate: what is the best time to shower? Don’t worry, the answer is clear. I’m here to tell you that the best time to shower is definitely at night, and here’s why:

1. You have more time to shower.

This one seems like an obvious one, but it’s pretty important. If you need to shave your legs, want to deep condition your hair or exfoliate your entire body, you need time to do this! By showering at night, you’re eliminating the stress that comes with rushing through everything. You can take your time to do everything in your routine and you won’t have to worry about being late to class.


2. It makes you sleepy.

Research at Harvard has actually proven that showering at night helps you sleep better. How can you argue with Harvard? Research aside, there really is nothing quite like taking a hot shower right before bed. It relaxes your muscles and warms you up so you’re ready to snuggle under your cozy sheets for a good night’s sleep.


3. Your hair won’t be wet when you leave the house.

This is a big one! It can look so unprofessional to show up to work with wet hair - it looks like you didn’t plan ahead or you rushed through your routine. It’s also really uncomfortable to have wet hair dripping down your back. Also, if it’s below 30 degrees outside, your wet hair can freeze, which would be absolutely terrible! It’s way too cold for wet hair.


4. You go to bed clean; you’re not taking home the grime of the day.

Let’s face it - going outside means there is a large potential for bacteria and dirt to attach to your hair, skin and clothes. By showering at night, you’re effectively washing away all of the dirt from the day, which means you’re not sleeping in your own dirt. Plus, if you have bad allergies, you definitely want to shower and get rid of any pollen that may be around you.


5. You can sleep in more because you don’t have to wake up early to shower.

As college students, we know how important sleep is. Sometimes, an extra ten minutes of sleep can make the difference between a good or bad day. If you shower at night, you’re not depriving yourself of extra time to stay in bed in the morning. Showering at night expedites your morning routine and gives you more time to get as much sleep as possible before you have to get up for class. Who doesn’t want more time to sleep in?


6. It keeps you warm after a cold day.

After spending a day walking around in the freezing weather, taking a hot shower is so satisfying and warm. Once you get out of the shower, you’re toasty, clean, and ready for bed. It’s also really relaxing to take a hot shower, slip into some soft PJs and cuddle under your clean sheets. How nice does that sound?

Overall, night showers are clearly the superior showering time. You have more time to sleep in the morning, and you go to bed clean, warm, sleepy and relaxed after a night shower. Sure, morning showers wake you up, but you can achieve the same effect by splashing your face with water in the morning. If you’re someone who showers in the morning, consider switching up your routine for a week and you’ll see how much better night showers are!