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The fact that I need some serious caffeine as I write this article, since it is pitch-black outside at 5pm is proof that winter is just not my favorite season. The cold temperatures and dark hours do not make this season as appealing as the others. But winter fashion makes up for it! From coats to boots, winter fashion finds are some of the best of the year as designers are always reinventing ways to make these months as stylish as possible. Here are my top 5 winter fashion items you need this season!

Aviator Jacket

These jackets are always on trend in the winter months- and for good reason. Lined with the softest and coziest fur, these aviator jackets ensure that you’ll keep toasty. But it gets better- have you seen these? They are beyond chic, with their collars, the exposed fur and the many different styles and materials. I recently just got my hands on an all black leather aviator jacket and I am IN LOVE! I purchased an oversized one so that I can layer chunky sweaters or sweatshirts underneath, but there are some other aviator jackets that are cropped and can be paired for more formal events.

When looking for the perfect aviator jacket, it is important that you pay attention to where it falls on you. The different lengths will determine how you will style it- can I wear a jacket that falls above my hips with my favorite oversized sweater that goes down to my knees? Of course, this is something you have to do more research on and determine what length will be paired better with the pieces in your closet. Fashion research- my favorite kind of studies.

Knit Jumpsuit

With most of our time being spent in the comfort of our homes this year, knitwear has made a huge comeback in the fashion industry. Then again, did it ever leave? Knit jumpsuits are specifically a winter fashion find that I am super into lately, because they are so effortless, yet so stylish. It can’t get much easier than just slipping on one piece of clothing and appearing as if you got your life together (even if you have about 9 assignments to catch up on are on the verge of a panic attack).

When shopping for the perfect knit jumpsuit, I recommend sizing up, so you can get a slouchier feel (since no one wants to lounge in a one-piece that clings to the body). And when you want to leave the house, these jumpsuits can be paired under oversized coats (aviator jackets perhaps?) and rocked with some cute combat boots for a low-key yet chic vibe.

Over The Knee Boots 

Hi my name is Brooke, and I’m addicted to boots. My boot collection is extensive: from booties to thigh highs and everywhere in between, boots are my go-to shoe. Although the winter months tend to be cold and dreary, I am reminded that my boots can have their time to shine- and then suddenly I am winter’s biggest fan. Over the knee boots specifically have been killing it this season, as many are styling them with just about everything. For me, I love pairing my over the knee boots with my mini dresses, to give me some height and elevate my look to the next level.

When shopping for over the knee boots, I strongly suggest choosing a monochromatic color. Although those hot pink boots or snakeskin patterned ones are chic, you won’t get much wear out of them for the fact they are harder to style. When it comes to getting more bang for your buck, stick to black, white or even brown over the knee boots to ensure you’re getting the most. And who said I had poor money management skills?

Leather Pants 

Leather in general is a huge winter trend, but leather pants are definitely my favorite. The tight material has some magical power of flattering your legs, while being ultra chic. I mean, the first thought that comes to mind when I see a person wearing leather pants is, “this person is chic.”

Personally, I like to pair my favorite black leather pants with more feminine tops such as white cropped sweaters or slouchy button-downs. This creates a juxtaposition between edgy and feminine, and voila! You are a style success!

Wide Belts

These thick, wide belts are the accessories you’ve been missing. Styled over a knit dress or paired over a blazer, wide belts elevate your look while snatching you in all the right places. These versatile beauties are perfect for layering when you don’t want to be swallowed whole. Giving your body definition and shape is great, but wide belts also add some style element to your outfit. Maybe it's a gold buckle or rhinestone design that adds to whatever you’ve decided. And better yet, belts have the power to make all outfits look different than the previous time you wore it.

Say you wear your favorite knit sweater dress one day, then want to wear it again. Pairing it with a wide belt will create a totally different look, most likely one that people won’t even recognize as the same dress you wore earlier. Belts are fashion’s biggest tricksters.

Although you still may be dreading these upcoming months, I hope you got some resurgence of excitement when discussing winter fashion trends. By keeping these finds in mind, you’ll be able to brace those frigid temperatures in the most stylish way possible! 

Hi! My name is Brooke and I am a junior at Penn State! I am currently studying Advertising and Public Relations with minors in French and History. I have an incredible love for fashion and I hope to one day fulfill my dream of working in the fashion industry.
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