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5 Websites I’ve Ordered Formal Dresses From (And My Personal Rating of Each)

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Over the years, whether it be for a club, sorority or frat formal these five online clothing boutiques have provided me with a dress perfect for each and every occasion. And while my personal opinion and overall rating for each of these online stores have changed throughout my college years, what hasn’t changed is me never failing to order all of my formal dresses way too last minute.

Here are my personal ratings from my own experiences from these stores, this will differ for each person.

Urban Outfitters

Listen, I love my corset tops from Urban Outfitters, however, I am not a fan of their dresses. I don’t think they want anyone that is taller than about 5’2 to wear their dresses because it gave me a wardrobe malfunction (thank goodness I had biker shorts on underneath just in case).

Enough said, not getting a dress again from here anytime soon.

My Rating: 1/5 (I didn’t give a zero because the color was super pretty)

Oh Polly

This Australian brand does not just have a website known for its dresses, as they have other great clothes as well. Unfortunately, this is a guessing game ordering from here, and if there’s not a review already listed for a dress you want, then I’m sorry but it’s probably not going to fit you correctly.

I highly suggest you size up because during my freshman year I had to borrow someone else’s dress last minute after ignoring every single person’s warning that these dresses run small. The next year, I rectified my mistake and loved my dress but it is kind of an inconvenience how inaccurate their sizing is.

My Rating: 3/5

Lucy In The Sky

This Los Angeles-based brand is known solely for its various collections of dresses for different occasions such as a high school prom, holiday gatherings, cocktail parties and whatever else someone would need a dress for.

My personal experience with ordering from this website has always been an overall positive one. However, if you decide to get a dress from here, there is a solid chance that you also may have to cut the strings of the dress shorter yourself (that are for some reason way too long) at the pregame before your sorority formal.

My last piece of advice regarding here, when in doubt, buy fashion tape.

My Rating: 4/5

Princess Polly

I’m sure we all know what Princess Polly is already, so I’m going to keep this short.

My only flaw with this website is that most of the people that I know who are looking for a formal dress will look here before anywhere else. Be aware of this before purchasing something, you may be unintentionally matching with someone else.

That being said, the most compliments I’ve ever gotten about a dress was one from here.

My Rating: 4/5


I will start this off by saying that this website can be expensive depending on the specific brand that you look at. But they just have so many options that I can’t help but always check Revolve out if I need a dress.

They have quite a large sale section as well and so many designers to choose from. My dresses from here usually come on time and are pretty good quality.

If you’re looking for a dress, Revolve is a great place to start.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Happy dress hunting!

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