5 Reasons Harry Styles Brings Out The Fangirl In All Of Us

Like many, I have spent countless years heavily invested in everything Harry Styles. It all began in 2010 when Mr. Styles first appeared on The X Factor and came into our lives. After following boyband sensation One Direction for almost six years, in 2016 fangirls around the world experienced the loss of the century when 1D announced their indefinite hiatus. But there was no rest for these now ex boyband members, as they all released music in the following years. Most notably Harry with his single “Sign of the Times” and subsequent album. Since then, he has taken the world by storm and brought out the fangirl in all of us again! Here are 5 ways how: 

  1. 1. His positive influence

    Harry’s entire brand revolves around his saying “treat people with kindness”. This positive statement is a key part of his shows, his merch, and his music. He is also an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, the BLM movement, and feminism.

  2. 2. His music

    After the breakup of One Direction, Harry release music with a much different sound, his music explores a more alternative sound and strays away from the pop sound of his boy band days. Most recently he has released a single “Lights Up”, which many fans believe is leading to a new album.

  3. 3. His tour

    As someone who has been in the audience of his concerts, I can honestly say it was such an amazing experience. His interactions with the crowd are sincere and are real examples of his “treat people with kindness” motto. 

  4. 4. His Gucci suits

    During his entire tour, Harry wore a plethora of Gucci suits. They were different at every stop on his tour and varied from tartan to florals to sequins. 

  5. 5. His sense of humor

    During interviews and concerts, Harry’s sense of humor shines through. From his dad jokes to his appearance on SNL, his humor is a key part of his personality.

While us fangirls wait for HS2 to drop, let us all enjoy the beauty that is the “Lights Up” music video!