5 Outfit Ideas For THON 2017

It’s that time of year again, the time when it’s okay to dress completely ridiculous and mismatched as possible all for the kids and for the cure. Freshman or people that are new to THON in general sometimes don’t have any idea on what to wear all 46 hours. Here are some outfit ideas so you don’t have to search through your closet in the middle of the night this weekend.


1. A tutu

This is a classic for THON. A lot of girls in different organizations and on different committees wear tutus all the time. Sometimes even guys! It makes for the silly part of you to show at THON.


2. Crazy knee high socks

This is one of my favorites to wear, you could pair it with gym shorts and they don’t even have to match, the crazier the sock, the better!


3. Fanny pack

This is not a want this is a must! You’re going to be standing the whole time while you are THON and am not going to want to hold all your belongings in a bag, or in your hand. Fanny packs are so convenient and definitely back in style for THON weekend,


4. Face makeup

Putting face paint on your face especially neon or any different color makes you stand out even more in the crowd.


5. Onesies

Although, you might be a little warm in the BJC if you decide to wear this, it always gets a lot of laughs and is very comfortable.


Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you know the big picture through out the 46 hours and throughout the year while fundraising. It’s all for the kids and for the cure in hope of one day we can dance in celebration! I for one can’t wait.