5 Fashion Trends We Rocked in the Early 2000s

Throwback time! The early 2000s were an experimental time for fashion. Many of these trends seemed cool at the time… BUT, after looking back, we all wonder what the heck we were thinking. From chokers to the “shrug” and everything in between, there was a lot going on. Let’s not forget that celebrities rocked all-denim outfits and costumes on stage...

Let’s take a moment to look back on some of these unforgettable trends from the 2000s.

1. Chokers and glitzy jewelry

One thing that was extremely popular back in the 2000s was chokers. They added a little bit of edge, or something, to your look. Oddly, everyone seemed to own them. We even saw them on Hilary Duff when she was on the Disney Channel as Lizzie McGuire.


2. Fishnets

Fishnets were the hottest accessory to wear with your denim miniskirt, even when your mom would tell you to stop wearing them. Obviously you’d just sneak them to school in your backpack and change when you got there.


3. Gauchos

These bottoms were the best way to dress up your outfit. They were awkward-looking flowy pants that were worn with literally everything. Although this trend only lasted a few years, it’s one that we’d rather forget!


4. Juicy Couture sweat suits

This brand was all the rage back in the day. If you had a Juicy Couture sweat suit, it became your signature school uniform. Celebrities wore them everywhere, and they were the comfiest fashion trend around.


5. Dresses or skirts over jeans

Yes, you read it right. Back in the day, this used to be a trend. Celebrities would take a short flowy dress and wear it with flared jeans, so we did, too. It’s truly a blessing that this trend never came back into style.

These are just a few of the many fashion faux-pas from the early 2000s, some of which we hope to never see again…


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