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The 5 Best Looks From “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

The new “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” reboot, called the “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, hit Netflix recently and it’s the spooky, fall fashion inspiration we’ve been waiting for. Here are the five best looks from the witchy reboot: 


1. Sabrina’s classic red coat

Sabrina’s staple red pea coat is her signature look. Matching it with her red book bag and pairing it with a black headband, this is what we see Sabrina in the most during the show. You can find a similar red pea coat like Sabrina’s at Macys.


2. Sabrina’s witchy red dress 

Sabrina continues to stick with her signature blood-red choice of color with this Victorian-style long sleeve dress. This look is also a homage to the Salem Witch era with the white lace sleeves and neck-line and the buttons going all the way up the dress. You can find a similar dress on Etsy.


3. Sabrina’s “Sweet 16” wedding dress 

Sabrina’s 16th birthday is the most important birthday she’ll have, so her mother’s wedding dress is obviously the most fitting outfit choice. This white, shin length lace dress with a ribbon collar shows how important staying good is to Sabrina. A similar look can be found at ASOS.


4. Sabrina’s casual wear 

Even when she’s not wearing a wedding dress, Sabrina’s everyday looks are to die for. With dark red sweaters, maroon turtle necks and deep green V-necks, Sabrina sticks to the dark colors and pulls it off. Similar dark sweaters can be found at Urban Outfitters.


5. Sabrina’s black headband 

Just like Salem the cat, Sabrina’s velvet headband can always be found with her. This nostalgic, 1950s-style headband is a staple for Sabrina, and it should be for you too. You can find a similar one at H&M.


Shout out to this reboot for giving us fall fashion inspo and a great Netflix binge for Halloween!

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