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The 4 People You Meet Waiting In Line at the Club

On weekends, we party! There’s a weekend full of fun after a week of classes, and we all pretty much have the same routine when getting ready to go out. First things first: food. We don’t want anyone getting sick at the club. It’s shower, hair, makeup, and going through 100 outfits until you find the right one – and then out the door to the club, just to wait in line for what seems like the longest ten minutes of your life. Here are the four people you meet waiting in line at the club:


1. The Couple

While waiting, you always see or hear something you’d rather not. Like that couple; you know what couple I’m talking about. The couple that’s all over each other, and should’ve just stayed home because they’re just going to swap spit the whole night, anyway. Somehow, they always end up in the front of the line, but nine times out of ten you can skip them. Trust me, they won’t even notice.

2. The Classmate

There are people in your class that you’ve never spoken to, but they decide to come up to you. Why are we talking about an exam we know we failed? Why are we talking about class at all? Wait, what’s your name again? Don’t worry; they’ll go back to not speaking to you on Monday morning.

3. The Already-Drunk

Why come to the club if you’re too drunk to even stand up? We have to love the one girl that’s stumbling in her heels, and we’re all just staring to see how far she makes it. Her friends are all screaming at her to get it together by the time they reach the front of the line, but they never do because she pukes.

4. The Fighter

Nothing more satisfying than someone getting thrown out of line for arguing with security, making you closer to getting in. That’s what I thought, until you get inside and that’s when it gets really interesting.

Who do you see when you go out, collegiettes? 


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