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4 Last-Minute Ways to Spend Your Spring Break

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Spring break is a time to let loose and have fun, but sometimes it’s difficult to plan a trip and think out the logistics. A spring break trip doesn’t have to be an elaborate getaway to Aruba or the Mediterranean.  Use the cities and attractions around you to have a last-minute yet unforgettable spring break. Just what you need – a few days of fun and adventure before it’s time to go back to Happy Valley. Here are some ideas for budget-friendly fun over break:

1. Ski/Snow Tube Trip – Check out your local ski resort, such as Tussey Mountain or Camelback at the Poconos, and plan a snowy fun-filled day.  Try skiing, snow tubing, snowboarding or any combination of the three! If getting all snowy isn’t for you, try riding the scenic lift at your resort. After you and your friends are done hitting the slopes, the fun shouldn’t stop! Go to a coffee shop or someone’s house for hot chocolate and movies.

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2. Indoor or Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt – Depending on the weather, you can either have an indoor or outdoor photo scavenger hunt. The idea is to get a group of friends together and pick certain things to take pictures with. For example, if it’s outside, you could have a picture of someone sliding down a slide at your local park or posing with a landmark. Be as creative as possible. You can even make it a challenge by dividing your friends up in teams and seeing who gets better pictures. Finish off the night by having dinner at your favorite restaurant to see how everyone’s pictures turned out. Don’t forget to post your favorites on Insta!

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3. Girls Night! – Even if you and your best friends can’t go to the beach this year, you can still have a great time together – like always. Have a sleepover at one of your houses, watch movies and make some of your favorite mocktails or cocktails. You can also turn it into a spa night by painting each other nails and finding some recipes for homemade face masks on Pinterest.

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4. Venture to the city– Make a day or overnight trip to one of your favorite cities like Pittsburgh or Philly. If you have a friend in the area, plan to go there for a couple days, or get a hotel if you don’t, and enjoy the city. Check out all of the museums, unique shops and restaurants.  If there is a sporting event, like hockey, and you’re in a city where a game is being played, that’s a plus!

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Hope these ideas help you make the most of this spring break, collegiettes!  Remember, there’s always endless snacks and Netflix. 

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