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4 Fall Fashion Must-Haves You Need in Your Closet

As we all know, it’s time to put away the crop tops and cute shorts and pull out our favorite sweatshirts and sweaters. While everyone is bundled up in warmer clothes, it doesn’t mean fashion needs to step to the background. From a nice ripped pair of baggy jeans or some cool-toned sneakers, your fall wardrobe doesn’t have to solely be sweatpants and a collegiate hoodie. Here are four ideas to spice up your dusty-looking closet.

Brown/neutral colored sneakers

Everyone I know over the past few months has purchased a pair of white Nike Air Force’s, and I know I can’t be the only one tired of seeing these shoes around town. If you aren’t super into UGGS or heeled boots, your go-to is a cute pair of sneakers. Nike has a nice pair of Air Max SC’s that come in a two-toned brown shade (“pearl white/light cognac”) according to their official site. These sneakers are comfortable, cute and only under $100. Since these shoes are not main-stream yet, you’ll be the trend-setter this fall.


With the impending pandemic, being fashionable in your everyday mask-wearing has become such an essential part of life. Matching my mask with my outfit is an essential part of getting ready for the day and finding the type of mask that fits you is important.

Whichever your mask preference is, there’s a style out there for you. Maybe you prefer the more triangle-shaped masks or maybe you enjoy reusable ones, yet having a few black ones has really made all the difference for me. Without the bright blue mask throwing off your favorite outfit, getting ready for the day can feel so much more cohesive.

A Nice Fluffy Jacket

Staying warm is the important factor during the colder months, and a nice fluffy jacket can work wonders while it’s not snowing outside yet. Keeping things cozy and cute are two factors that can really spruce up any look, and a nice jacket with pockets can really do the trick.

On those lazier days when it’s too cold for just long sleeves, adding a heavy sherpa jacket will have you ready for your day while staying warm.

PINK has quite a few sherpa-style clothing pieces that would make good staples in anyone’s closet.

A turtleneck

Putting aside everyone’s love/hate relationship with turtlenecks, this style of the sweater has been really making a comeback. With a variety of different designs and styles, there is a turtleneck out there for everyone.

Over the past few months, I have seen them be styled with a necklace on the outer part of the sweater. For a more upscale outfit, layer it with a nice leather jacket. Whether you decide to try out a thinner turtleneck or a chunky knit style, there is definitely one out there for you.

I recently added this super cute purple turtle neck from Aeropostle to my fall collection, and I’m enjoying the warmth and ways to style this super bright and fun fall piece.

Kaylyn is a senior, graduating in 2022, and hopes to live in a cool city after graduation. She is majoring in Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in theatre.
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