33 Things I’d Rather Do Than Be Corinne’s Nanny

We all know her, we’ve all seen the GoFundMe and continue to watch her every week as she continues to embarrass herself in hopes to win the heart of the bachelor this season, Nick Viall. If you have been living under a rock, I am talking about none other than Corinne. I don’t know about any other Bachelor Nation fans but I just feel sorry for Raquel, Corinne’s “nanny.” Maybe she will consider doing any of these acts instead of keeping her job after the season has finished airing.


  1. Clean toilets in Wal-Mart
  2. Delete my Netflix account
  3. Rip movie tickets and constantly say, “enjoy your movie” without actually ever seeing a movie
  4. Clean porter potties on game days
  5. Remove road-kill
  6. Be a truck driver on I-80
  7. Drive a bus full of intoxicated college kids the hours of 10 p.m. until 2 a.m.
  8. Be security at a Justin Bieber concert
  9. Never go braless
  10. Clean up vomit at amusement parks
  11. Be a cashier at McDonald’s
  12. Clean dining hall trays
  13. Peel potatoes for the rest of my life
  14.  Eat ketchup with every meal
  15. Parallel park
  16. Refuse wine for three weeks
  17. Use Yahoo! Mail instead of Gmail
  18. Have my computer crash
  19. Drive cross country in front of a slow driver
  20. Shave my eyebrows
  21. Glue my hand to the side of my face
  22. Continue to read people’s political opinion on Facebook
  23. Wear camouflage in public
  24. Give up New York pizza
  25. Have it rain on my wedding day
  26. Trip down stairs
  27. Drunk text my ex
  28. Have braces again
  29. Step into my old middle school
  30. Never have coffee again
  31. Blow up Corinne’s bouncy castle
  32. Be on any group date with her EVER
  33. Just about anything


Hang in there, Raquel. For your sanity, I hope Corinne gets the final rose and her and Nick lives happily ever after.

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