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21 Times The Jonas Brothers Were Your Friend Group

Who could forget the three brothers from New Jersey, with their catchy songs, curly hair and tight pants? Ever wonder what it would be like to be the  Camp Rock superstars? With that thought in mind, here are 21 times the Jonas Brothers were your friend group.


1. When you’re trying to get the best picture for Instagram


2. When someone asks how you are all able to go out three nights in a row


3. When your friends keep trying to get you on their Snapchat story but you’re too quick for them


4. When you decide to stay in on Friday night to watch Jimmy Fallon and eat ice cream


5. When one friend falls asleep, so the rest of you have no choice but to mess with her


6. When you try to point out your crush to the group


7. When you’re getting ready for a bar crawl


8. When you have to walk somewhere that’s all the way downtown


9. When you form a study group but end up getting almost nothing done


10. When you help each other get ready


11. When you arrive at the pregame


12. When your friend group shows up at the party


13. When you show off your best dance moves


14. And then when you decide to bounce


15. When you go to your school’s football games together


16. When you’re trying to figure out where to go for dinner


17. When you get invited to multiple parties on the same night


18. When you’re trying to have a good time, but also need to keep track of the group


19. When you finally round up all your friends at the end of the night


20. When you finally get an Uber


21. When you always have each other’s back


Shout-out to the Jo-Bros, we still love you. (A reunion would be nice though, just throwing that out there.)


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Samantha Grillo graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. She loves creative writing, pop culture and Penn State, all of which led her to joining the Her Campus Penn State team at the beginning of her freshman year as a contributing writer. In her free time, Samantha enjoys reading, watching her favorite TV shows, and catching up on the latest movies. 
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