2017 Penn State Football Season as Told by Game of Thrones

This recent season of Penn State football really had us on the edge of our seats and in a constant state of anxiety. At the start of it, we thought we had it made with the number two ranking in the NCAA.  But just as in Westeros (the land of one of our favorite shows, Game of Thrones), we knew prosperity wouldn’t last long… winter was coming. Here’s a recap of this emotional season, as told by Game of Thrones.


Game 1 vs. Akron

Back in our favorite place with our favorite game doing our favorite thing – winning. Nothing could go wrong, or so Ned Stark thought.


Game 2 vs. Pitt

We’re still confused why Pitt brings up Sandusky every time we play as if that’s going to help them magically become good at football.


Game 3 vs. Georgia State

We don’t want to rub it in everyone’s face, but SHUTOUT!


Game 4 vs. Iowa

The end of this game may have taken a few years off of our lives and a few glasses of wine out of our wine glass, but hey – a win is a win.


Game 5 vs. Indiana

Talk about a winning streak high.


Game 6 vs Northwestern

Number three, let’s gooooo!


Game 7 vs. Michigan

Who’s the rightful leader of the Big Ten, Michigan? That’s what we thought.


Game 8 vs. Ohio State

We felt like every woman on Game of Thrones who thought they had it all together, just to be blindsided and watch their loved ones be slaughtered. (Think Catherine Stark at the Red Wedding or Ellaria Sand when Oberyn crushed).


Game 9 vs. Michigan State

We still have no words for how this one turned out.


Game 10 vs. Rutgers

At least we didn’t lose to Rutgers, too.


Game 11 vs. Nebraska

We braced the freezing rain for one last game with our seniors (and probably Saquon), but even that couldn’t bring back the feeling in our fingers around the fourth quarter when our lead began to slip to the Cornhuskers.


Game Week 12 vs. Maryland

A game of turtles versus mountain lions, like soldiers versus three of Daenerys’s dragons.


Thanks for the emotional rollercoaster, Penn State.