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20 Struggles of Riding the CATA Bus as Told by Friends

If you go to Penn State, it’s quite inevitable that you form a love-hate relationship with the CATA buses here on campus.  On those lazy days when we don’t want to get out of bed, they are here for us. These buses become our best friend. As the winter months are quickly approaching, we’ll most likely hop on the “Whoop” to avoid the icy sidewalks and heavy snow. But then of course, with riding one of these CATA buses comes many struggles Penn State students all know very well. 

Here are 10 difficulties we all can relate to while riding one of the lovely CATA buses.


1. When someone thinks their backpack deserves a seat rather than the human being struggling to stand up.


2. The fact that they only run until midnight on weekdays. You know we all study at the lib till 2 in the morning every night. Come on CATA.


3. When the buses fill up fast come wintertime, and you have to trudge your way in your heavy snow boots across campus.


4. When the CATA driver decides to take a little break at the CATA stop on Beaver Ave. while on the Whoop and you’re just like…uh, I have somewhere to be now.


5. The struggle of holding on for dear life when there aren’t any seats left.

6. The fact that it takes 10 times longer to get somewhere by bus than walking, but you’re way too lazy so you opt for the bus anyway.

7. When someone lurks over your shoulder and reads your texts.  


8. That person that chews their food and slurps their drink too loud.


9. When the bus driver tells you to move back but there is nowhere humanly possible to go.

10. The unreliable CATA app that we all know and hate but still use anyway.


11. When the person on the inside has to get out first, so you have to get up.


12. Getting your exercise in while sprinting to make the bus before it leaves.


13. That feeling you get when you don’t catch it in time…


14. …and have to sit and wait till the next one decides to show up…


15. …or you face your biggest fear and decide to take that long dreaded hike to class.


16. When you get hit in the face with someone’s backpack.


17. When you think you see the Blue Loop rolling up but instead it’s the bus for Vairo Boulevard.


18. That moment when there are enough seats for everyone to have their own, but that one person decides they want to sit right next to you.


19.  The sad moment when they tell you that you have to throw your food and drink out before stepping onto the bus.  That’s when you know… it’s time to chug.


20. When someone tries to talk to you, but you’re in no mood.


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