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20 Secret Santa Gifts For Under $20

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

It’s that time of the year: the weather is already getting chillier, string lights are being put all over town, families are going tree shopping – that’s right, Christmas is here again. Everyone’s happy to rest at the end of another year and celebrate the holidays with their families and loved ones; however, it’s also the time to buy gifts. It can be really stressful to find that special present, especially if the person you get for Secret Santa seems to be one of those people who already has everything. After some excessive Black Friday shopping that you absolutely needed and the finals week food deliveries, your budget just doesn’t allow you to buy that perfect gift. For that reason, here are 20 Secret Santa gifts for under $20:


1. Amazon’s “Party Favors Shot Glasses” ($12.99)

Come on, how cute are these shot glasses? This Amazon set includes four beautiful four shot glasses, perfectly described as “sassy”, “classy”, “sexy” and “fancy”. Perfect for kitchen decor and, of course, your future girls’ night with your Secret Santa!


2. Target’s “Contigo Twistseal Eclipse Coffee Travel Mug 16oz – But First Coffee” ($14.39)

Everyone has a friend who simply can’t go through an entire day without coffee. If this is your Secret Santa’s case, then this is the perfect gift! With a cute design and affordable price, this mug is essential for all coffee lovers.


3. Uniqlo’s “Multi-Color Block 2-Way Stole” ($14.90)

This beautiful fashion piece can be worn as both a scarf and a stole. Available in black and wine, it’s nice enough to not only keep you warm in winter, but also style your looks year-round. Also, as it’s one size, there’s no trouble in guessing your Secret Santa’s size!


4. NBC Store’s “Friends – Complete First Season” ($14.95)

It’s 2018 and there are still people who haven’t seen Friends; can you believe that? If this is your Secret Santa’s case, then this is a good gift to give her! It will not only make her laugh a lot, but it’s also a perfect gift you both can enjoy together.


5. Walmart’s “Himalayan Glow Natural Salt Picket Fence Style Basket Lamp” ($14.98)

Want to buy fancy decor for an affordable price? This may be the perfect product. With a calming and warm light, this piece can complete every room in a house. It’s not only unique, but it also has a chilling vibe that your Secret Santa would absolutely love.


6. Spencer’s “The World’s Most Ridiculous Drinking Games” ($14.99)

Have you ever tried to think of new drinking games to play with your friends? It’s always the same story. You try to find something fun to play, but can never find anything new. This problem is now solved! “The World’s Most Ridiculous Drinking Games” contains 30 different games played in different countries, with instructions and everything you need to play. Ready to drink?


7. Sephora’s “PLAY! SMARTS: Complexion Your Way” ($15.00)

This Sephora kit is perfect for a friend who loves to look beautiful on any occasion. This gift includes five sample-size products, one full-size brush, and a bonus packet that contains different makeup and beauty packages.


8. Victoria’s Secret’s “Mini Mist & Lotion Gift Set” ($15.00)

Victoria’s Secret really brought it this holiday season! Coming in six different scents, this gift set includes a mini mist and a lotion that your Secret Santa would absolutely love. From going to classes to dancing at parties, both these products makes girls feel powerful and beautiful!


9. Salbree’s “Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper” ($15.90)

Available in 15 different colors, Salbree’s Popcorn Popper is absolutely amazing! With this product, you can make healthier and tastier popcorn simply with popcorn kernels. It not only saves you a lot of money, but it’s also ecological. For anyone who loves eating healthy, I think this is the best product to make popcorn.


10. Uncommongoods’ “Literary Mugs” ($16.00)

Is your Secret Santa a book lover? Then this is the gift for her! These mugs include representations and quotes from one of four great literary figures: Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allan Poe.


11. Forever 21’s “Naughty Graphic Sweatshirt” ($17.90)

Everyone knows that part of this holiday is wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. However, being a good friend, you want your Secret Santa to look fashionable for the holidays. For this reason, Forever 21’s “Naughty Graphic Sweatshirt” is a perfect gift. Available in sizes S, M and L, this item is a must for every girl who loves looking beautiful at all the Christmas parties.


12. Urban Outfitters’ “Zodiac Trinket Catch-All Dish” ($18.00)

Available in all 12 Zodiac sign themes, this catch-all dish is not only a beautiful piece of home decor but also super useful! Every girl needs to have her sacred space to keep her favorite day-to-day jewelry, so you can provide your Secret Santa with something thoughtful that she’ll definitely use.


13. Sephora’s “Mini Emergency Kit for Her” ($18.00)

This may be the most useful gift on this list, as it contains 17 items for beauty care, personal care and fashion emergencies. All the items can be put in an included beautiful necessaire and be taken anywhere your Secret Santa needs to go. Better safe than sorry, right?


14. Walmart’s “LumaBase Wine Scented Candle Collection in 30z Jars, 6-pack” ($19.95)

You may ask, “What’s better than one scented candle?” Well, Walmart has the answer: six different wine-scented candles. Yes, you read that right! This set comes with six candles, all scented with different types of wine. This gift is perfect for every girl’s house!


15. American Eagle’s “Aerie Coziest Slippers” ($19.95)

If you want to give a gift that will make your Secret Santa more than comfy, then this is perfect! Available in three different colors, this is a must for everyone who enjoys being beautiful and comfortable at the same time (so literally every girl!) These slippers only comes in three sizes (S, M, L) – which is perfect if you don’t know the exact shoe size your Secret Santa wears.


16. H&M’s “Makeup Tool Kit” ($19.99)

This is a must for every girl who loves her makeup. This kit includes seven different makeup brushes and three sponges, so your Secret Santa is prepared to apply any makeup or cream she wants!


17. Amazon’s “Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa” ($19.99)

This is an amazing tech gift that will certainly blow away your Secret Santa! Using Alexa’s technology, this voice-controlled speaker performs many different tasks, including playing music, calling and messaging. 


18. Lindt’s “Chocolate Cheer Gift Basket” ($19.99)

Chocolate lovers, this one’s for you! This basket contains five different types of Lindt favorite chocolates. It’s literally a basket with some of the best gourmet chocolate in the world – who wouldn’t love receiving this for Christmas?


19. Topshop’s “Selfie Light” ($20.00)

This clip-on Selfie Light is a funny but useful gift. If your Secret Santa is an Instagram and Snapchat lover, why not help her take even more beautiful selfies?


20. Urban Outfitters’ “Noodle Set” ($20.00)

Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of noodles on a Friday night? Now your Secret Santa can enjoy her noodles with style! This set includes a noodle bowl, chopsticks, a soy sauce dish, and a miso spoon – what else could a girl want?


If you choose to get any of these gifts for your Secret Santa (or for yourself), I hope you love them as much as I would. Happy holidays, collegiettes!

Ana Clever is a junior at Penn State University majoring in Psychology. Coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil, she is a staff writer for Her Campus at PSU and the president of the Brazilian Student Association. She is passionate about traveling, art, and writing. You can find her on Instagram at @ana_clever.
Samantha Grillo graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. She loves creative writing, pop culture and Penn State, all of which led her to joining the Her Campus Penn State team at the beginning of her freshman year as a contributing writer. In her free time, Samantha enjoys reading, watching her favorite TV shows, and catching up on the latest movies.