13 Signs You’re The Kimmy Gibbler To Your D.J. Tanner

From her eye-catching style to her hilarious banter with the Tannerinos, there is no question that Kimmy Gibbler is one-of-a-kind. But, above all, Kimmy Gibbler isn’t just D.J.’s best friend – she’s part of the family. Like Kimmy, you never have trouble being yourself at your best friend’s house, and you have a habit of making yourself at home. Here are the 13 signs that you’re the Kimmy Gibbler to your best friend, D.J. Tanner.


1. Ringing the doorbell is a foreign concept to you


2. You guys are always matching no matter how ugly your T-shirts may be


3. Your best friend’s family isn’t surprised when you show up and plan to stay for the weekend


4. They don’t bat an eye when you show up wearing the most interesting of outfits


5. You can answer for the both of you even if you’re wrong


6. Often, you find yourself thinking if your friends think the same way you do


7. You’re always there to back up your D.J. when she needs it the most


8. You two are always in sync


9. You always show up with the best dance moves


10. Her family members have gotten comfortable with making sure you feel like part of the family


11. You have become such a part of the family that you get in trouble just like the rest of them


12. You know you can depend on D.J. to make sure your most important days are remembered


13. At the end of the day, your best friend loves you for the Kimmy Gibbler that you are

Embrace it - you are the Kimmy Gibbler to your D.J. Tanner and wouldn’t want it any other way.


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