12 Countries Where Tipping Is Not Required

If you've been to the following countries or plan to visit in the future, just know that tipping isn't customary nor is it required:


1. China 

Nobody tips in China because service fees and gratuity are included in the customer's bill; it’s just not stated as tips. 


2. French Polynesia 

Tipping in French Polynesia isn't mandatory or expected, but some restaurants might have a note saying that tips are always welcome. 


3. Japan 

Tipping in Japan is seen as rude under any circumstance because good service is always expected. 


4. South Korea 

Seriously, no tips here either!


5. Hong Kong 

 Tipping isn't common and can even be seen as insulting to the server. 


6. Switzerland 

There's no obligation to tip servers, hairdressers or hotel employees, but customers are always free to leave a tip. 


7. Australia 

Historically, it's not been the norm to tip in Australia, but it's becoming more common. 


8. Belgium 

Tips aren't required because bills include the service charge. 


9. Brazil 

Some restaurants here might add a service fee to the bill. 


10. Denmark 

There's no need to tip here because waiters get good wages and benefits. 


11. Estonia 

Tips are never automatically included in the bill and are always optional. 


12. New Zealand

A 10 percent tip for great service isn't required but is appreciated, as the service staff isn't often compensated generously. 


Overall, service staff are well paid in these countries, so they don’t need a standard tip percentage like the United States!