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11 Times Robin Scherbatsky Was All of Us

Robin Scherbatsky was a hilarious staple on How I Met Your Mother, a perfect show to binge watch…until Netflix removed it from their streaming options, that is. Thanks, Netflix. Even though she was a Canadian teen pop star, she had some extremely relatable moments throughout the nine seasons, and here are 11 times our beloved Robin was all of us:

1. When she perfectly captured how we all look during the semester.

2. When she had the guts to actually say how we all feel about that one person we can’t stand.

 3. When she summed up how we all feel about feelings.

4. When her ID pic looked just like ours.

5. One of the many times she wasn’t afraid to be a savage

 6. When she reminded everyone of what their priorities should be.

7. When she struggled through a tough day at work like a pro.

8. When she expressed her love for some good food.

9. When she showed the petty side we all have.

10. When she brought out her inner nerd in the middle of the bar.

11. When she looked like all of us when we binge watch reality TV.

We love you, Robin!

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Becky Sorensen is a senior at Penn State, double majoring in Public Relations and Political Science. You can find her on campus with an iced coffee in one hand and an everything bagel in the other. Clear your schedule before asking her how she feels about the Harry Potter series, New York City, or about the next trip she’s planning - she tends to ramble. Loudly. You can follow her at @beckylalalaa on Twitter and @beckysorensen on Instagram for hilarious puns or her undying love for THON and Penn State football.
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