10 Times A Pint Of Ice Cream Fixes Anything

Ice cream is a must for when you’re going through something. Even if there isn’t anything going on, ice cream is just super good and yummy. It’s the perfect comfort food because there’s something for everyone.

  1. 1. When it's day three of your period and you want to end it all

  2. 2. When you failed the test you swore you got a 90 on

  3. 3. Going to buy more makeup and finding $2 in your bank account

  4. 4. Getting ghosted by the person you wanted to spend your life with

  5. 5. Picking up your cat to sit with you but they run away to a cardboard box instead

  6. 6. Going to do your homework and seeing it was due two hours ago and now the assignment is closed

  7. 7. Illness. That is all. 

  8. 8. When it's so hot outside you're like 98% sure you're melting

  9. 9. Alternatively, when it's -10 degrees in the second week of April but last week it was 70 degrees and sunny

  10. 10. Mondays

We all need it sometimes. What's your favorite flavor?