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10 Times 10 Things I Hate About You Related To Your Life

While this movie may be from two decades go and entirely fictional, its plot consists of characters navigating through life, love and friendship — making it easy for teens today to relate to it. So whether you’re a Kat or a Bianca, a Patrick or a Cameron or maybe even a Joey, here are 10 times the 90s classic 10 Things I Hate About You related to your life:


1. When sylly week is over but you’re not ready to face your responsibilities


2. When you finally have a class with all of your friends but then you see the syllabus


3. When you’re trying to keep yourself awake during a lecture


4. When you start to feel the effect of drinking large coffees back-to-back


5. When you see a football player on campus and they don’t say “hi” to you


6. When someone sits down at your table in the HUB


7. When you need the opinion of the group chat on which picture to post


8. When people forget how to be a good driver the second they arrive in State College


9. When the DJ won’t take your request


10. When your Pokey Stix don’t take five years to be delivered


For all you collegiettes who have yet to see this classic movie, or for those who want to see it again, 10 Things I Hate About You is currently streaming on Netflix. Happy watching!

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