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10 Thoughts You Have When You’re Home Instead of in Happy Valley

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So we’ve been back from spring break for a few days and it’s more apparent now than ever before that life in Happy Valley is a whole other world compared to living in your hometown. Ahhh, State College: friends, food, fun and freedom (…and classes, too, of course).

Once you’re here, you get so accustomed to all of the perks of State College that you forget what real life is like. They say “there’s no place like home,” but there really is no place like Happy Valley. I’m sure we have all had at least a few of these thoughts while home on break: 


1. *First day home* “It’s really unacceptable to plan to watch Netflix all day until it’s time to go out? Wow, I really need to get my life together…”

2. “Wait, someone can actually tell me what to do again… UGH. If I start now, I can probably be ready to leave for State in a half hour… fifteen minutes if I run…”

3. “I’m hungry. Why is pizza the only food I can have delivered? Seriously, though. I wonder if McDonald’s or Olive Garden will deliver if I call and beg… I mean, they do deliver in State College after all…”

4. “Will I be judged if I answer the door in my clothes and makeup from the night before?”

5. *Getting dressed for the day* “How do I not wear sweats and yoga pants? …wait, do I even own any real pants?”

6.  “This house is so quiet and everyone is at work. My roommates would never leave me like this… this is like solitary confinement.”

7.  “I actually have to drive somewhere? You know, we really need a Blue Loop around here.”

8.  “Oh, a Penn State shirt!” *desperately holds back yelling ‘WE ARE’ at total strangers*

9. “Well, I might as well head home already. Everything closes so early and there’s what, ONE good bar?  Guess I’ll catch up on my beauty sleep…”

10.  “Why don’t we have our own ‘Willard Preacher’ here?” (JUST KIDDING, no one says that)

You can take a Penn Stater out of Happy Valley, but you can never take the Happy Valley out of the Penn Stater. We Are… Glad to be back (where we belong)!  Only a few more weeks left, collegiettes. So enjoy it, and good luck with the rest of your semester!



Kearsten is a proud Penn State alumna.  She received her B.A. in journalism in May 2015.  During her time at Penn State, she loved editing the work of her fellow writers through her position as the Vice President and Head Editor for Her Campus Penn State.  As far as post-grad life goes... as long as she can write or edit, she is happy!   
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