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10 Things to Do If You’re Staying Home for Spring Break

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Not all of us are lucky enough to be jetting off to a dream destination this spring break, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it! Here are 10 things you can do to ensure your spring break is exactly what a break should be:

1. Nothing!

Doing nothing is actually okay sometimes, believe it or not. Whether you’re with friends, family or your dog, let yourself take this week to do absolutely nothing. Don’t be on social media or have any distractions around you. Just relax away from the chaos of what spring semester has held so far.

2. Watch Netflix in bed

Okay, we always find an excuse between studying and homework to watch an episode of your current addiction on Netflix, but it’s pretty likely we will feel guilty about it later. So, take some time, curl up in your bed and watch Netflix with no worry! Not just for a few hours, but all day long. You deserve it.

3. Go on an adventure with friends

There are many streets, stores and restaurants that I’ve never even thought of trying in my hometown, so take this time when you’re all home to venture out and explore. Try something new and bond with your friends from home!

4. Spend time with family

We are away from them the majority of the year and, as much as your siblings hate to admit it, they miss you. Your mom misses having you in the house, and your dad misses you yelling down the hallway asking when dinner will be ready. Family is the basis of life, so make sure to embrace them and make the most of the time you have.

5. Earn some extra cash

Pick up some shifts at the restaurant or store you worked at when you were in high school or babysit for someone nearby. No matter what you choose to do, extra cash will be appreciated when you get back to school. Am I right?

6. Study! *GASP*

Yes, I said it! You know you have a midterm the week you get back, but you keep putting off the studying. You also know you are sure to become bored at some point during your time at home. Why not use it to your advantage? Put two hours aside for a few days of your break to write the paper you have been dreading, and make flashcards for the midterm that you have next week. You’ll thank me later, promise!

7. Read a magazine

Think about it – when was the last time that you had time to sit down and leisurely read something that you actually enjoy? I know I haven’t had the chance since the fall semester began. Pick up the latest issue of Glamour or Sports Illustrated magazine and some tea (or maybe some wine) and enjoy!

8. Reconnect with an old crush or old friend

The boy you had a crush on all through high school but lost touch with, or the friend that you had a falling out with is most likely home for break too. Reach out to them. It’s awkward and weird, but that’s the fun! Embrace the awkwardness and ask them to go get coffee or to hang out. It feels good to reconnect and talk about memories of the good ol’ days when times were simple.

9. Exercise

You’re going to have some extra time on your hands, which is a good thing. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy sleeping late, but make sure you get a few good workouts in there as well. Whether it’s some squats in your room, a Pinterest workout or a class at your local gym is your choice. You’ll go back to State healthier than you left!

10. Most importantly, take extra time for yourself

Spring break has the word “break” in it for a reason. Allow yourself to take a break from everything. Enjoy some true alone time without the distractions of your roommates, family or friends. Recuperate and go back to Happy Valley refreshed and ready to kick the rest of your semester in the butt!

Enjoy your spring break, collegiettes!

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