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It’s midterm season and I am not here for it. If you’re anything like me, you’re spending several hours a day in the library, eating meals on the fly and still feeling like you’re making little progress.

Regardless, remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even if the tunnel is long, there is always good, uplifting music to listen to along the way.

Most of the songs below are fairly basic and well-known – but I hold them close to my heart because I know they have the power to lift my mood, whatever the situation.

You absolutely can’t go wrong with The Lumineers.

This song in particular is so fun and just screams good vibes. The Lumineers are a great choice for some happy tunes, particularly their first two albums.

Vampire Weekend is my comfort music.

Listening to this reminds me of vacationing with my family when I was younger. I always find myself putting Vampire Weekend in the queue when I’m stressed and need a boost. All of their music is worth a listen, I can’t recommend this band more.

There is no arguing – this song is a breath of fresh air.

“Canyon Moon” feels like driving with the windows down in the summer with your favorite people in the car. Bonus points for anyone that knows about Harry’s Tame Impala reference in “Canyon Moon.”

This one has such a warmth to it.

“Sedona,” has the power to make me feel like I’m driving through the Arizona desert. It’s a folky song that never fails to make me sing along.

Declan McKenna’s music is absolutely worth a listen.

“Brazil” is his most popular song and it’s clear why. The rest of Declan McKenna’s discography is somewhat sad and emotional, so stick to “Brazil,” for a necessary, happy tune.

Foster The People have a broader range than you may think.

I’m sure that when you think of Foster The People, songs like “Pumped Up Kicks” or “Sit Next to Me” come to mind. Those songs are great, but pretty mainstream. “Lamb’s Wool” is lesser known but one of my favorite songs because it gives off serious summer vibes.

Shoutout to my best friend for sharing this one with me.

Tom Petty is, in my opinion, the king of folk rock and is hard to beat.

From Taylor Swift, to Stevie Nicks, to John Mayer, countless artists have covered his music without doing justice to his original songs. Until Miley Cyrus.

The first time I listened to Miley’s “Wildflowers” cover, I knew it would be one of my all-time favorites. It’s a mellow, happy song that Miley puts a creative twist on and it couldn’t have gone better.

This one carries a great energy to boost your mood.

This song is a little funkier and that is to be expected with Kid Cudi. “By Design,” is a groovy beat that you can’t help but sing along with.

This song is reserved for dancing in the kitchen while making breakfast on the weekends.

It isn’t hard to understand why. “Black Coffee In Bed” was released in 1982 and I still listen to it on a weekly basis.

Hot take alert: The acoustic version of “Baby” is better than the original. I said it.

Now, it might be because I’m a sucker for an acoustic guitar, however, this version is even more of a screamer than the other one. While there may be no Ludacris feature, Justin’s solo rap is unmatched.

Also, when you learn the rap word-for-word, nothing compares to that massive breath of satisfaction after finishing the verse. I promise.

If you’re looking for more uplifting tunes, check out my Spotify playlist!

Keeley is a Penn State journalism student from Richmond, Virginia. In her free time, you can find her DoorDashing quesadillas or religiously listening to Harry Styles. If you would like to get into an argument about the superior Jonas Brother, feel free to contact her on Twitter @lammkeeley.
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