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10 Reasons You Wish Jess From Gilmore Girls Was Your Boyfriend

Jess Mariano, played by the devilishly handsome Milo Ventimiglia, made his way into the heart of Rory Gilmore and made girls all over the country tune into Gilmore Girls wishing Jess could wander into their own small town fantasies.

Here are 10 reasons why you wish you Jess Mariano was your boyfriend.


1. The grin that makes you heart melt.

His sideways smile has a way of making you smile while leaving you wondering what else could be on his mind.


2. His bad boy charm.

From the pranks to the leather jacket, accompanied by his “screw the world” attitude, Jess is the bad boy our mothers warned us about. All he needs is a motorcycle.


3. His love of books.

Not only does he leave little notes in the margins of books, but he also becomes a published author and works at a publishing firm! A man with a sensitive, artistic side? Yes please!


4. He will tell you how he feels.

Even if he did jump in a car and drive away after telling Rory he was in love with her, at least he shared his feelings.


5. His taste in music.

He knows a great record store in NYC… I mean, come on! Let’s not forget he will show up to work in a Metallica shirt.


6. Family matters.

Once you move past the daddy issues, Jess is a family man. He came back to walk his mother down the aisle after she asked, and made sure Luke knew how much Jess appreciated him. Jess even offered to pay Luke back for the expenses he caused. He may not have shown it often, but family matters to Jess.


7. He will fight for you.

Whether they're actual fist fights or fighting for you to be yourself, Jess has your back 24/7.


8. He will take you on a picnic.

He will spend $90 to take you on a picnic and will even eat the disgusting food you may have packed just to make you happy.


9. He has a sense of humor.

Sarcastic and loveable, Jess always had a wise crack to make and a laugh to share. He should always be able to make you laugh, collegiettes!


10.  He is super cute.

Between his grin, his eyes and his hair, how could anyone not fall for him??

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