10 Reasons Why We Love Buzzfeed Unsolved

Buzzfeed has been producing incredible new content that’s also very inspired. We have “Ruining History,” “The Try Guys,” “Outsmarted,” and so much more - but my personal favorite is “Buzzfeed Unsolved.” The two versions of the show - “True Crime” and “Supernatural” - are hilarious and informative, and are always brightening up my Friday evenings. There are so many reasons to love this show, and since this season of “True Crime” just ended, you have plenty of time to get caught up. Here are then reasons why you should watch Buzzfeed Unsolved:

1. Ryan and Shane

2. The well researched history

3. The crazy stories

4. The banter

5. *wheeze*

6. The visuals

7. The production quality

8. The thrills

9. The diversity of cases

10. Making your own conclusions

Go forth fellow investigators and explore!

GIFs via Buzzfeed Giphy