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With good shows running scarce, here are a few TV shows to watch or rewatch when you’re bored. In not particular order, here are the shows and where you can stream them.

“Orange is the new black”

Orange is the New Black is a seven season TV series that takes place in a minimum facility prison. The main character, Piper Chapman, shows her life as she surrenders to the state and starts her new life in the Litchfield prison.

Overall it’s a really attention-grabbing show and definitely worth the watch. This can be found on Netflix.

“switched at birth”

If you’re into dramas, this is the show for you. While the show talks about sensitive subject matter, they know how to keep it light and entertaining.

The series dives into the lives of our main characters, Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez, and talks about the troubles within their families.

Every time you think you understand what’s going on, the show takes you for another loophole. This show can be found on Hulu without the premium subscription.

“Love island”

If you’re looking for a good show to put on in the background, “Love Island” is for you.

While “Love Island” isn’t super complex, it’s perfect when you don’t want to pay attention. The series is light and every season has a new group of islanders.

Don’t miss out on America’s hottest couple. Check it out on Hulu.

micah and irina on love is blind
“The walking dead”

For those who ran out of TV options and are looking for something that dives into the horror genre, this is a perfect place to start.

“The Walking Dead” is about a man who was separated from his family and woke up from a coma to find out there had been a zombie apocalypse. Scary, right?

The man goes on a journey to find his family and refuge from the apocalypse. If you’re ready for something nail-biting, “The Walking Dead” is on Netflix.

“grey’s anatomy”

This TV series is a pure classic. For many this would be a rewatch but for those that have never seen the series, this is a must watch.

Not only do you pick up on surgical slang, but you also get to meet so many incredible characters. The producer, Shonda Rhimes, does a good job of making the characters relatable to the audience.

Don’t forget to check this series out on Netflix.

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“big mouth”

This TV series is a little bit different than the others. This show is an animated series that talks about a group of pre-teens that are discovering themselves and going through changes.

Despite not being the biggest fan of animated TV, this show really is the exception. It is entertaining and has six seasons for you to binge.

Check it out on Netflix along with the spinoff, “Human Resources.”

“Unsolved mysteries”

This kind of show is more for the crime lovers out there. This show is a short series about unsolved mysteries in different parts of the U.S.

While there aren’t many seasons, the shows are so good it’ll keep you glued to you couch all weekend. The best part of this show is that mostly anyone besides kids can watch.

If you’re ready for a good mystery go ahead and check out Netflix.

“jane the virgin”

This show is for my Latinos. “Jane the Virgin” is a Americanized telenovela about a girl named Jane who was accidentally artificially inseminated by another man who isn’t her fiance, Michael.

The series has so many twists and turns and knows how to keep you hooked. With many side characters and celebrity guest appearances, the show is a real hit.

“Jane the Virgin” streams on Hulu and is one click away from being your new favorite show.

“modern family”

“Modern Family” is a true classic. Not only does this series cast a Penn State Alumni Ty Burrell, it incorporates so many different kinds of family dynamics.

The show focuses on three families, the Dunphys, the Pritchetts and the Pritchett-Tuckers. This show has an absolutely stacked cast including Sofia Vergara and Rico Rodriguez.

“Modern Family” streams on Hulu and is waiting for you to watch.

“The good place”

“The Good Place” is a TV series that delves into the topic of the afterlife. It discusses whether or not there is a heaven or a hell and what that means for their main character, Eleanor Shellstrop.

Truly a cinematic masterpiece. Give it a try.

At the end of the day everyone has their own take on their favorite genres of shows and movies. Hopefully this list can help you get one step closer to your next favorite series.

Penn State junior majoring in journalism and minoring in english! I hope you enjoy.