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The 10 Best Jonas Brothers Songs of All Time

So, the Jonas Brothers.

A part of me screams with excitement and another cries because I miss the old days. I miss the A Little Bit Longer era with my entire heart, and no one can convince that it isn’t their best album. 

So naturally, I made a list. These are my top 10, leading up to my all time favorite. 

Before you read, I’d like to make a disclaimer. An unpopular opinion, if you will: Year 3000 is not that good. I know it’s is a fan favorite, especially at Champs when the Jonas Brothers make a surprise visit that is totally objectively unfair to everyone under the age of 21. However, unrelated to my bitterness, I just don’t think this song is that great. I mean, it’s a fine song. I would nod along to this song in the car if it came on. Would I play it on purpose? Probably not. The song is silly and lighthearted, which is great, but compared to others like Burnin Up? No chance.

A lot of the songs higher up on the list are pretty sad, and I’m just now realizing how much sad music I listened to as a kid. Like, Pushin’ Me Away? My seven year old self thought she had abandonment issues when she listened to that song. But like, in a good way. Either way, it’s a bop and it rightfully deserves to be on this list. 

Regardless, I think the slower ones perfectly show off just how lovely Nick and Joe’s voices are. Of course, though, we all love a good ~ ReD DrEsS ~ moment. Truly, the Jonas Brothers are the masters of range. 

Anyway, enjoy the list below.

Year 3000
Pushin' Me Away
A Little Bit Longer
Hello Beautiful
When You Look Me In The Eyes
Burnin' Up
Love Bug
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