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Why Penn State Shouldn’t Cancel Class in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Look, ladies. Let me tell you why we should have class in the cold weather. There’s no real reason to cancel class, no matter how cold. Not only that, but we should be excited about it. There are two reasons why.

One: we are paying lots of money to be here. If I went to Coach and bought a purse, you can bet that thing would be slung over my shoulder as frequently as is fashionably acceptable. With college I want the best my money can get, too.

Two: we are smart, empowered women and we should show just how tough we are. While all the boys complain about how cold it is, we shouldn’t join our voices in a soprano chorus of agreement. We should call them wusses.

If we’re going to claim that women are equal to men we need to be tough enough to handle the cold weather, just like the pioneer women of old did.

So next time it’s negative forty degrees with a wind from the north at 100 miles per hour, bundle up, go to class, and smile. Who knows, a cute guy just might need you to cuddle after class.

And check out this advice from Elizabeth on what to wear to class in freezing temperatures.

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