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Tully’s Workers Are NOT Personal Maids!

Attention Penn State Berks:

I’m sending you back to elementary school. By mere observation, it’s clear that you didn’t learn anything the first time around so please, try to pay attention this time, maybe take some notes.

Let’s revisit a few of the wonderful lessons taught in grade school in a series of blogs.

Lesson #1: Clean up after yourself

Countless times I’ve thrown away other people’s trash. Why? Because it was so rudely left behind. In the cafeteria, in computer labs, in common areas, in classrooms. It’s not the cafeteria worker’s, professor’s, or custodian’s job to clean up after fully matured and capable adults – they have actual responsibilities to do. And it shouldn’t be up to me – or another student – to throw away someone else’s trash either.  Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait to pick up after ungrateful little brats, but I didn’t think I’d actually have to do so until I became a mother.

So, let’s make this clear: It’s YOUR job to clean up after YOURSELF.

This lesson was actually, most likely, taught to you by a big purple dinosaur – before you even entered any type of school. Sing with me: “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!” If 3-year-olds can do this, then please tell me Berks, why cannot all of you nice, college-educated, students do the same? Barney would be ashamed of you.

A few ways you can make Barney proud:

You ate a bag of chips? You need to throw the bag away.

You drank a Gatorade? You need to put the bottle in the recycle bin.

You ate off a plate? You need to walk that plate over to the dishwasher conveyor belt.

You sat at a table? You need to clear it and push in your chair.

These things are not that hard to do, so why are you not doing them? Come on Berks, it’s like you’re not even trying. For the rest of the school year let’s try and be the decent and respectable human beings that I know you are – deep, deep down.

The next time you complain about having to throw away a piece of your own trash or about having to walk your plate over to the dishwasher, think about it – would you rather be waking up at 5am to cook breakfast for people you don’t know and then have to clean up after them too? If you prefer to do that, I’m sure a cafeteria worker would gladly switch places with you.

Editor’s Note: These are the opinions of one student and do not represent the views of Housing and Food Services.

Kristy is a senior at Penn State Berks.
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