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Penn State Berks Students Sound Off: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

After attending last week’s Legalize It Debate I was interested in what Penn State Berks students thought about marijuana legalization. I went around and asked severeal people these two questions:

  • Do you think marijuana should be legalized?
  • Why do you think it should or shouldn’t be legalized?

Here are the responses I received:

“Eventually, but there is no rush. Marijuana is no more dangerous than currently legal drugs. With the proper introduction to the social system I don’t know why there would be a problem.” — Senior Global Studies/CAS Major

“I don’t know, I would lean towards no. it’s good to legalize because we can tax it a lot and reduce prison clutter due to less arrests. It’s bad to legalize it because our younger generations already have enough reasons to skip school & be lazy and waste money, why legalize marijuana and encourage them to be even worse? It’ll turn into today’s tobacco. Everyone thinks it’s disgusting and people waste thousands of dollars a year on it.” — Senior IST Major

“Yes because it will generate income for the United States and it’s relaxing (medical benefits)” — Senior Business Major

“I do believe it should be legalized due to the fact that it has no addictive components besides perhaps on a more emotionally addictive aspect and even in that case overdosing isn’t a possible outcome as well as it being a natural solution to such simple issues as anxiety and sleep deprivation. I just believe it’s an all around a good idea.” — Sophomore Psychology Major

“I do not see a problem with marijuana being legalized. This is because I don’t think it is the worst thing a person can do. If ya wanna smoke, smoke!” — Senior Education Major

“I think marijuana should be legalized but only medically. Because there’s a lot of information and statistics that show it can really improve a persons health and help them out.” — Freshman Business Major

“Yes, but it should also be regulated. The drug war has caused innumerable troubles for both Americans and the surrounding countries. The children from South America that came recently were refugees from an ongoing war between the cartels and the government. The cartels wouldn’t have the money to fund the war if not for the American war on drugs. The drug laws weren’t put in place because of any doctor recommendations anyway. They were put in place because colored people were using these drugs at a certain time. Also until we start treating the drug addiction like the disease it is, we won’t ever progress as a society. You wouldn’t throw an alcoholic in jail and expect them to get better so why do we expect the same from heroine addicts, etc?” — Super Senior Professional Writing Major

“I don’t really know enough about it to make an informed decision. I don’t know how marijuana affects people or what the effects would be if it did become legalized. I personally stay away from drugs, but I feel that I don’t have the authority to tell others what they can or can not do. So as long as they are not harming me or other innocent people in anyway, I suppose it’s fine.” — Junior Professional Writing Major

“Yes, I think it should be legalized. I think illegal marijuana causes more problems than legal marijuana would.You tell people you can’t do something and they’ll figure out how to do it, regardless what problems it brings. You tell them you can, and the subject becomes boring because there is no adventure behind something that’s now safe. Where it has been legalized, so far there is a change in crime, fewer accidents due to people being high, and some of that pot revenue has just gone back to the state. It’s a smart business everyone is after, so why not get up to date, it’s 2015.” — Sophomore CAS Major

“Yes, I think it should be legalized because I don’t know of any harmful side affects from it.” — Junior CAS Major

“No, it should’t be legalized because then everyone will become lazy and do nothing but sit on the couch, smoke and laugh at the wall. And not to mention we would have to worry about people driving while high and doing other stupid and dangerous things while under the influence.” — Freshman Business Major

“I’m kind of in the middle. I believe it should be decriminalized because it’s really freaking stupid that someone in possession of marijuana could get up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine – but people like Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman, get off with almost nothing and get to make millions off of a book deal. That’s not okay and it needs to change. I also think it should be legalized medically for people who are sick and would really benefit from it. I don’t think it should be legalized just for the fun of it. Turning it into an industry will take the spotlight off of the great benefits (medical) and make it all about money.” — Senior Global Studies Major