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Macquan Higgin ’17 (High Fashion & Entrepreneurship Club)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Berks chapter.

Name: Macquan “Mac” Higgin

Year: Sophomore

Major: Finance

Minor: Business Law

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

How I Got To Berks:  Currently I am involved in the two plus two program in which I start at a Penn State sister campus and then transition onto the main campus.

On Campus Involvement: Entrepreneurship Club, High Fashion Club

Executive Board Member of the High Fashion Club Duties: Aid board in decisions concerning club and ensure rules of the club are upheld.

Vice President of Entrepreneurship Club Duties: Development of new system of organization within club. Implementation new strategies for long term club goals, newly generated club members, and increased on campus involvement.

Club Mission: The mission of the high fashion club is to instill confidence within others through expression of themselves.

The mission statement of the entrepreneurship club is to empower people through the presentation of their ideas and other information.

Newcomers High Fashion: To a newcomer, high fashion can be a place where you can truly and genuinely be yourself and just that. We make it our duty to make sure everyone feels accepted for who they really are. College is a place where you find out who you are and once you do that you must accept it for what it is and that’s when the confidence comes which our mission is.

Newcomers Entrepreneurship Club:  Being put in a leadership role as the vice president of the entrepreneurship club we have become a club with a purpose innovate, create, and inspire. The board is always finding new ways to extend our umbrella of entrepreneurship. If you have an idea and you want to get it started, we are the “idea hub”.

Events:  The high fashion club organizes an annual fashion show, as well as workshops geared toward club participant development. This year we hope to raise money for sickle cell. As for the entrepreneurship club, we host group talks with successful business people, engage members in workshops and employ directors in the development of their ideas which they create business plans for.

Impact: The high fashion club impacts berks by providing a community of people who truly have potential and work each and every day to improving their confidence. As for the entrepreneurship club, we make the student body and the community recognize the great people we are surrounded by each and every day.

Benefits HFC:  Highly organized club, opportunities available to showcase your talents, develops vital skill sets.

Benefits Entrepreneurship Club:  Gained network of innovative thinkers, advising from industry leaders, a club that makes its duty to listening and understanding your ideas.

Upcoming Events HFC:  Community service at opportunity House, Date: TBD

Being a part of HFC:  I became a model for last year’s spring show but I also had great ideas to implement into the club as well. My ideas were recognized and appreciated and I was invited to take a position as a board member.

Being a part of Entrepreneurship Club: Voted on as the Vice President in a time where the organization of the club completely fell apart. I knew that with the right attention and management that this club could become one of the best clubs for students to join on campus and we plan on making great strides to ensure of this.

Greatest Accomplishments:  

  • HFC: Spring Fever Fashion Show.
  • Entrepreneurship: Developing a 3-D printer.

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Kristy is a senior at Penn State Berks.