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How To Stay Fashionable on a Budget

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Berks chapter.



Hey there, ladies! We all know what it’s like to be a broke college student. But if any of you girls are like me and love fashion, then it’s even more of a struggle. You may even find yourself scrolling through the fashion section on Pinterest envying all of the selections. Let’s face it, clothing is expensive and we just don’t have the money for it when we are trying to focus on school. But don’t fret; I have some tips on how to still be fashionable while on a budget:

1. Shop at thrift stores

– This is your best bet when you’re on a budget. You can find clothing items usually under $10 versus buying a brand new shirt at the mall for $20! Thrift store finds can save you a load of money and you’ll find yourself a new unique style.

2. Keep your wardrobe simple

– Since you can’t constantly buy new things all the time, your best bet is to buy a few simple yet cute things to spice up your wardrobe. Buy a couple scarfs and different color tank tops. This will give you different outfit choices while still making you look fashionable. Tank tops are super cheap; only $1.80 each in various colors at Forever 21! This is perfect for the warmer days and if you don’t like scarfs, you could always buy a couple cute statement necklaces to liven up your wardrobe.

3. Avoid online shopping

– I admit that I’m guilty of online shopping. But after the cost of shipping and taxes you may find yourself not really getting a bargain at all. The prices may seem cheaper but in the end you’re paying about the same. In-store shopping also tends to have more sales and discounts.

4. Old clothing are still useful

– Don’t be so quick to throw away your old clothing. You could always reuse them, if you altered them a bit. If you have a shirt that’s too small then consider making it into a headband or possibly a scarf. If you aren’t crafty then donate your clothes to a friend who is struggling for clothes just as much as you are!

5. Be open with your options

– Don’t limit yourself to only one store. I love Forever 21 but if that was the only place I ever shopped then I wouldn’t be saving myself much money. Search other stores to find similar items at a cheaper price or consider expanding your wardrobe to things you might not usually wear. If you are too picky and particular with your clothing then it may be harder for you to find better deals and the sales racks only have a limited amount of choices!


Good luck and Happy Savings! 

Michelle Dierolf

Michelle is a Professional Writing junior at Penn State Berks.
Ashley is a senior professional writing major at Penn State.