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Having The NFL Draft In My Hometown

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I go to Penn State Berks, and having the draft being located only about 45 minutes away from my house was pretty cool. I spend so much time in Philly that I could relate to all the football fans and the sea of green that attended the actual draft.


I did not go to the actual draft, and no I do not like football, but the draft gives everyone something to talk about.  Here are some observations:


People get excited

Being a Philadelphia native and having the draft in my hometown stirred up some heated and not so heated conversations. My dad immediately asked if I had the time to go, people chanting E-A- G-l- E-S EAGLES was something I hear often, but heard immensely today, and pure excitement about the weekend festivities happening.


Everyone became a football fan. How could you not?

Having the NFL Draft in your hometown is almost like having the Super Bowl in your hometown. Everyone in the area is either there, watching on TV, and suddenly the biggest football fan in all of the world.


You become best friends with every fan attending the Draft because we’re all Philly fans and we’re all the greatest

Not even kidding, we’re all best friends and we’re all the greatest. In the midst of our sports teams differences, Eagles vs. Steelers, we have something to bond over.


“Omg remember having the draft in our city? Did you go? Did it make Philly even more amazing than it already is?”


My point with all of this is that this Philadelphia family, became an even bigger family. I did not have to go to the draft to get that impression.

Communications arts and sciences student graduating in 2019.
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