Dancing with the Stars Week Five

                                                                                                                                 Image from Unsplash

It was Disney night! They saved stars in stages, and it was probably the best night so far for dancing!


Rashad and Emma- 32      Safe

It was Beauty and the Beast themed. It looked beautiful and like it came out of a Disney movie.


Heather and Alan- Safe

Erica and Gleb- Jeopardy

Bonner and Sharna- Safe

Nick and Peta- Jeopardy


Nick and Peta-34

Their theme was Pinocchio . It was goofy in a good way.


Erica and Gleb- 32

They danced to a song from Finding Dory. I felt like she was just going through the movements but the judges say otherwise.



Simone and Sasha- Safe

David and Lindsey- Safe

Normani and Val- Jeopardy

Nancy and Artem-Safe


Normani and Val- 39

Mulan. I thought it was overscored, but it was good. I liked the stick work.



Nancy and Artem- 36

Enchanted. I’m waiting for Nancy to get a 10, because it’s coming.


Simone and Sasha- 38

They danced to How Far I’ll go from Moana. I felt like there was possibly too much gymnastics in it but it was really good.


Final 2- Erica and Gleb, Nick and Peta


Eliminated- Erica and Gleb


Next Week- Boy Bands versus Girls Groups, along with some special guests.