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Congratulations to Saundra Reichel!

The Director of Campus Life, Saundra Reichel, received an honorable mention from the Penn State community-a Penn State Chair. Today, a celebration was held in honor of her 25 years of service to the Penn State community. For those of you who aren't familiar with Saundra, she's pretty much in charge of Campus Life and Student Affairs as a whole, not to mention she runs the entire NSO2 (New Student Orientation part 2) and oversees all of the OLs (Orientation Leaders). Those are just a few roles out of many that she holds. Here's a snapshot of both the cake and Penn State Chair presented to her!

Bree McKenney is a senior Professional Writing major at Penn State Berks. She is the Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus chapter at Berks and she's also involved in the Blue&White Society. In addition to that, she is currently an RA, Peer Mentor, Multicultural Mentor, and a S.A.I.L. Mentor. She loves fashion and has been writing style blogs for Her Campus for a year now.
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