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Book Preview: Once And For All

This is a preview because the book doesn’t come out until June 6th. I got a free sampler of the book at Barnes and Noble. A couple of things about the book that I NEED to get:


  1. It reminds me of The Wedding Planner’s Daughter

This is a middle grade trilogy that I read when I was ten or eleven. I remember loving these books and being sad that it was the end of the series. In OAFA, Louna’s mom is a wedding planner. She helps her with the weddings. The idea behind the book is that she meets a guy at a wedding and she is having trouble moving on from him.

    2.The mom and William are the best characters

Ever read books where the parents steal the show? I’m hoping that this is one of them. William and the mom aren’t dating but are partners in the business. Her mom is Type-A about every detail and William is her laid back foil. They play off each other well.

    3. The texts

I have a lot of jobs that I think would be cool to do. One of them is Wedding Planning, even though I’d be lucky to last a week on my own. Louna, her mom, and William have codes for different problems that they encounter. Her mom also keeps dog treats up her sleeve for dealing with animals in a wedding.


I can’t wait for this book to come out so I can get my hands on a copy!

Megan Antosy is a junior at Penn State Berks double majoring in Business with an option in Marketing and Management, and Professional writing. She also has minors in Entrepreneurship and Women's Studies. When she isn't busy writing or editing articles for HC, you can find her on the beach, reading a book, taking a nap, or drinking tea. She is also Co-CC.
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