Book Preview: Beast

I am about a quarter of the way through reading Beast. Here’s what I have to say so far.


  1. The premise of the book is odd

It’s rare for me to read a male main character. He reminds me of a werewolf from Twilight, honestly. He’s really big, and furry. Unfortunately, he doesn’t turn into a werewolf (yet).

  1. “Therapy” was not what I thought

The idea behind the book is that he has to go to self-harm group therapy, and he meets a girl, Jamie, there. I thought the book would be a lot about therapy, but so far, it’s not.

  1. He has strange friends

His best friend, JP, really just likes him because he beats people up for JP. The girls make fun of him for being so hairy. It’s a strange split from what you typically see in a YA book.


Look for the review next week!